Issue XXII

April 27 - June 11, 2004

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The Paintings of Caspar David Friedrich:
Caspar David Friedrich
May 21, 2004
Friedrich was a painter of the Romantic School renowned for colorful and vibrant landscapes. Although he was religious in his overt convictions, Friedrich's sense of life possessed admirable traces of humanism, discernible in his work.


Vote of Nonconfidence:
John Cox and Allen Forkum
May 19, 2004
Released yesterday by renowned cartoonists John Cox and Allen Forkum, this work displays the dangers inherent in the June 30th handover of power deadline in Iraq.

The Good, the Bad, and the Media:
John Cox and Allen Forkum
May 20, 2004
A cartoon on media coverage of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and the Nick Berg execution.

A Rational Defense of Marriage:
G. Stolyarov II
June 11, 2004
G. Stolyarov II argues in favor of the "historical" definition of marriage, not from history or tradition, but from Reason and the fundamentals of Objectivist thought.

Determinism, Skepticism, Mysticism, and Subjectivism: Four Roads to Hell:

Henry Emrich
April 27, 2004
Henry Emrich exposes four mentalities, permutations of which pervade today's culture and paralyze sound thought.

On the Nature and Origins of Life:
G. Stolyarov II
April 28, 2004
Examining the issue of whether or not life needed to have existed in perpetuity in a universe without chronological origin, G. Stolyarov II integrates biology with metafysics to answer in the negative.

Only Money:
Michael Miller
May 10, 2004
The dominant paradigm indoctrinates men with the idea that "money is evil, money cannot buy happiness, money is not everything." Michael Miller responds in this article.

Historical Analysis
The Vile Draft II: Daniel Webster on the Unconstitutional Evil of Conscription:
G. Stolyarov II
May 26, 2004
Using as evidence the famous speech of Daniel Webster against conscription in 1814, G. Stolyarov II reveals the draft for the unconstitutional evil that it is.

Stolyarov's Formula of Comparative Abundance:
G. Stolyarov II
May 4, 2004
G. Stolyarov II transforms a commonplace but irritating type of math problem into a single-step variable plug-in operation via elementary algebraic manipulation.

The Draft Dodger:
G. Stolyarov II
June 2, 2004
A manifesto of individual liberty and choice against oppressive states who conscript their citizens.

American Compassion in Iraq is Self-Destructive:
Yaron Brook and Elan Journo
May 18, 2004
Dr. Yaron Brook and Elan Journo contend that fighting a compassionate war is immoral; it is costing the lives of American soldiers in Iraq and emboldening our enemies throughout the Islamic world.

Does the World Need Nuclear Weapons?:

Ivan Shatkin
April 28, 2004
With the Cold War over, the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction may no longer be effective, while the threat emanating from the nuclear arsenals of many countries remains substantial. Ivan A. Shatkin examines the dangerous effects of nuclear arms possession to human life and international affairs today. While TRA does not necessarily embrace Mr. Shatkin's reliance on international consensus at the expense of American unilateralism, it concurs with him that this issue is one worthy of exploration and consideration.  

Four-Thousand-Fold: An Essay Attempting to Discredit a Potential Draft in America:
Robert Olson
June 1, 2004
The above number is the amount of times that, according to Robert Olson, the current US military would have been able to win a war such as the recent one in Iraq. The draft, argues Mr. Olson is immensely unjustified and constitutes a grievous violation of personal liberties under these circumstances.

Liberal Democrats, Not "Neo-Cons," Trying to Bring Back "Draft":

Dave Schroeder
May 26, 2004
Dave Schroeder reveals the true nature of the authors of recent twin bills S 89 and HR 163, which would reinstitute the draft nationwide. He also brings forth information about the effort by Republican Ron Paul to abolish the draft permanently.

Teach a Man to Fish:
Jonathan Rick
May 7, 2004
The lack of capitalism, rather than the lack of charity, in Africa is the primary cause of poverty therein, argues Jonathan Rick.

Those Who Love to Pay:
Gary M. Galles
May 7, 2004
Dr. Gary M. Galles examines the ideological fallacies involved in the arguments of those American tycoons who wish to raise their own taxes via the exacerbation of the graduated income tax.

The Threat of the Paternalistic State:
Peter Schwartz
May 18, 2004
The lobbies for mandatory wearing of seat belts and the prosecution of fast food and tobacco corporations attempt to impose a nanny state on the individual and deprive him of sovereignty to make choices with regard to his own life, writes Peter Schwartz.

The Vile Draft I: A Public Letter to Senator Peter Fitzgerald:
G. Stolyarov II
May 25, 2004
In an open letter to Senator Peter Fitzgerald of Illinois, G. Stolyarov II explains why a potential draft looming over the United States would be fundamentally un-American.

The Vile Draft III: A Call to Action:
G. Stolyarov II
May 27, 2004
G. Stolyarov II issues a call to action for all those who oppose the draft and wish to exert leverage in order to cause the rejection of twin bills S 89 and HR 163.

"There is frequently more to be learned from the unexpected questions of a child than the discourses of men." 
~ John Locke