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 Johannes Gutenberg Award

The Johannes Gutenberg Award is issued in honor of the man whose invention laid the foundation for an unprecedented propagation of ideas, including those which had secured the accomplishments of the Renaissance. Seeking a similar New Renaissance-- a resurgence of classical Aristotelian reason, systematic scientific discovery, laissez-faire politics, egoist ethics, and objective aesthetics-- The Rational Argumentator wishes to spread these values to a maximum of possible readers. It is our aim that every man interested in championing the principles of Reason, Rights, and Progress become aware of TRA's existence and the particular ideas contained within it. One of the primary means of accomplishing this is posting links and pertinent information on sites external to The Rational Argumentator, which would guide readers toward it. TRA hereby also gives permission and encouragement to non-commercially reprint all articles on TRA on other online media outlets. This proliferation of our material shall not go unrewarded; upon our written notification of a permanent link to TRA posted on another site or an article reprinted in full or in part, the responsible party shall become the recipient of this honor, whose beneficiaries shall be listed on this page along with the link(s) to their site(s). Please feel free to paste this award's logo on your site(s) so long as a link to TRA and/or this page is provided and we are notified at rationalargumentator@yahoo.com. After all, only thus can we recognize your efforts.

Steven Martinovich, Editor-in-Chief, Enter Stage Right Magazine: http://www.enterstageright.com/static/links.htm

Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia:

Richard A. DiDio, Professor, La Salle University:

The Libertarian Mainstream Caucus:

Duncan Bayne, Author and TRA Contributor: http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~dhbayne/articles/racism.html

The Objectivism Reference Center:

4Reference.net, Online Encyclopedia:

Matthew Graybosch: Writer, and owner of Starbreaker.net.

Jonathan Rick: Objectivist Thinker, President of Hamilton College Objectivist Club.

Wolfgang Scheide: Administrator, Objektivist Blog.

Reginald Firehammer, Owner and Editor of The Autonomist Magazine.

Andre Zantonavitch: Executive Director, The Liberal Institute http://www.liberalinstitute.com