Rational Leisure: Flash Games

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A sample image For a rational individual aiming at his own improvement, every aspect of his life ought to be aimed at developing some desirable attribute. This is equally true of leisue -- activities that one engages in to rejuvenate one's energies -- as it is of work -- activities which require an expenditure of energy.

Thus, The Rational Argumentator offers a variety of activities for individuals to engage in during their leisure time. TRA already enables individuals to enjoy quality articles, fiction, poetry, videos, art, and music. We inaugurate the Rational Leisure section of TRA with yet another way to develop one's mind.

The flash games offered here are specifically aimed at improving users' logical thinking skills, foresight, reaction time, pattern recognition, and appreciation of matters intellectual. Some of the Internet's best free games have been assembled here -- selected on the basis of their ability to provide mental stimulation in good taste. Who says that leisure cannot be constructive?

Color Fill
Cube Field
Extra Lines
Flash Chess
Grain Strain
Klax 3D
Maximum Rotation
Orbox B
Robot Maze
Sonic Blox

Stackopolis MC
Yellow Out


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