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Third Anniversary Manifesto:
August 18, 2005:
A statement of TRA's accomplishments during its third year, its policies and intellectual objectives, and its future plans.

Recent Letters to the Editor:
Feedback from readers on TRA contents, contemporaneous with Issue XL.
An Austrian in Grad School: Confronting the Mainstream:
August 26, 2005:
Dr. Robert P. Murphy lists some of the essential differences between the Austrian school of economics and the mainstream, and why, in his view, Austrian economics explains real people's behavior in a superior manner.
Mises' Non-Trivial Insight:
September 3, 2005:
Ludwig von Mises practiced a radically different economic methodology from today's positivist mainstream. Though his fundamental principle, the action axiom, might seem trivial at first glance, it is in fact indispensable for properly understanding the humsn condition, writes Dr. Robert Murphy.
The Fundamental Cultural Antagonism:
August 18, 2005:
The world is in the midst of a culture war that has been raging for centuries. In this treatise, G. Stolyarov II provides a summary identification of the two antagonists: the Old or True Western Culture and the New or Post-Western Culture.
On Old-Fashioned Progress:
August 23, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II explodes the conventional perception that "liberals" favor progress and innovation while "conservatives" are archaic and reactionary. Quite the contrary, he claims, it is precisely conservatives' old-fashioned adherence to the legacies of Western Culture which makes true progress possible.
Jimping the Sleeg:
August 28, 2005:
Reginald Firehammer argues for the validity of human sensory perception in understanding the external world. Scientific models, he contends, are only useful in explaining the evidence of the senses and the reasons for it. Such models cannot by their nature contradict ubiquitous sensory observation.
Literary Analysis
The Nature and Purpose of Literary Analysis:

August 28, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II describes the three-pronged purpose of literary analysis: to discern the author's basic premises, to derive individual value from the literary work, and to attain insight into the universal human condition.
Extremism versus Fanaticism:
August 16, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II remarks in alarm on Tony Blair's new "anti-terror" measures, which do anything and everything but combat terrorism. Instead, they empower the British government to censor, arrest, and deport so-called "extremists" and "radicals," straw men set up to conceal the real target: intellectual innovators and opponents of the welfare states. It is time to end the conflation of extremism with violence and realize that both terrorism and Blair's policies stem from the same root: mainstream orthodoxy.
These Are Interesting Times:
August 16, 2005:
Having observed first-hand the futile and draconian new "security" policies on subways in major U.S. cities, Fred Reed comments on the intrusion to liberty that they pose, and the reason that the overwhelming amount of mediocrities do not care.
Liberal McCarthyism on Abortion:
August 18, 2005:
Wendy McElroy, herself a pro-choice advocate, is disgusted at the recent slanderous ad by NARAL, a leading abortion rights group, aimed at Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Dishonesty such as this can only hinder the pro-choice movement.
Acid Test:
August 20, 2005:
It is fashionable these days to circulate "bogus rights" and claim that individuals have rights to health care, education, and welfare which cannot in fact legitimately exist. What distinguishes a true right from a false one? Michal Miller answers with the definitive acid test: Does a right prohibit or authorize the initiation of force?
Hecklers' Veto and Illegal Aliens:
August 26, 2005:
The hecklers' veto is a tactic which opponents of certain ideological positions use to silence those positions by disrupting their presentation. Ironically, in suppressing free speech, the hecklers argue that they are expressing their own freedom of speech. Dr. Madeleine Cosman shares her own story of courageous resistance to hecklers and her persistence in presenting her viewpoints on illegal immigration.
Will Colleges Respect Your Child's Rights?:
August 26, 2005:
Freedom of speech is under attack at numerous colleges nationwide, writes Wendy McElroy as draconian speech codes are being imposed in the name of "toleration." Indeed, the perversion of the concept of toleration to justify suppressing certain unpopular speech is an act comparable to the tyranny in Orwell's 1984.
Illegal Aliens and Medicine:
August 29, 2005:
America's socialist, collectivist government laws regulating medicine, combined with an influx of illegal immigrants who dishonestly exploit the system, have created an environment where whole chains of hospitals go bankrupt, crime is skyrocketing, hitherto extinguished diseases have been revived, and illegal aliens are treated to an assortment of welfare programs at taxpayers' expense, writes Dr. Madeleine Cosman.
"In all nations and in all periods of history, intellectual exploits were the work of a few men and were appreciated only by a small elite. The many looked upon these feats with hatred and disdain; at best with indifference." ~ Ludwig von Mises