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A Rational Cosmology by G. Stolyarov II
September 16, 2005:
Available fully on the Internet for the first time, Mr. Stolyarov's treatise, A Rational Cosmology, explicates such terms as the universe, matter, space, time, sound, light, life, consciousness, and volition. This treatise is a foundational defense of the axiomatic-deductive method and of a logically, empirically fathomable existence.

Chapter I: The Axiomatic, Ubiquitous, and Commonsense
Chapter II: The Universe
Chapter III: Space
Chapter IV: Change and Time
Chapter V: Motion
Chapter VI: Waves
Chapter VII: Light
Chapter VIII: Forces
Chapter IX: Mistakes Concerning Infinity
Chapter X: On the Nature and Origins of Life
Chapter XI: The Fysicalist View of Life, Consciousness, and Volition
Chapter XII: The Objectivity of Consciousness
Chapter XIII: The Implications of Rational Cosmology
The Origin of Money and Its Value:
September 8, 2005:
No single ruler or government could ever have legislated so complex a fenomenon as money into being. Instead, as the discoveries of Carl Menger and Ludwig von Mises show, money emerged on the free market, writes Dr. Robert P. Murphy. 
Psychology versus Praxeology:
September 13, 2005:
While psychology can legitimately employ experiments as a means to knowledge, writes Dr. Robert P. Murphy, praxeology, the science of human action and the foundation of economics, is necessarily axiomatic-deductive in its means of arriving at truth.
Illegal Aliens, Violence, and American Medicine:
September 3, 2005:
The current leniency of America's immigration system permits vicious, violent criminals to remain in the country, despite their having come here illegally. Dr. Madeleine Cosman details some of the frightening consequences of granting "amnesty" to murderers, along with the bizarre silence that doctors are being forced into with regard to their knowledge of criminal illegal immigrant activities.
Gender Bias in Domestic Violence Treatment:
September 3, 2005:
The policies of many shelters for domestic violence victims are determined by "women-only feminists," who believe that males as a class are responsible for domestic violence, and that women victims ought to be isolated from all males. Wendy McElroy dissents, arguing that there exist both male violence victims and compassionate males who could help female victims recover.
The Shameful Legacy of Three TV Anchors:
September 5, 2005:
In the past year, the "big three" media networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS, have all lost their primary news anchors. Sara Pentz says good riddance to this development as she explores the tremendous political bias that Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and especially Peter Jennings brought to the field of reporting.
Katrina, Osama, and Preemptive Surrender to Disaster:
September 5, 2005:
Osama bin Laden is rejoicing due to the U.S. government's horrific mismanagement of the Katrina hurricane disaster. Dr. Madeleine Cosman explains why Osama would find this and other American governmental absurdities to be his best chance at destroying the United States.
Paternity Case Marks Progress for Defrauded Parents:
September 7, 2005:
A recent New Jersey court decision has made positive strides toward the compensation of fathers deceived as to the verity of their paternity and toward the punishment of biological fathers who perpetrate this deception and relegate child support costs onto others. However, writes Wendy McElroy, this is merely a first step, and more needs to be done to assure full justice in this area.
Get Out Your Bed Nets:
September 21, 2005:
A component of response to Hurricane Katrina has been the spraying of vast areas of land with effective, safe, health-promoting pesticides, writes Paul Driessen. However, while the use of pesticides has generally been approved in the United States for the control of disease-bearing insects, environmentalists and aid agencies involved in Africa frequently discourage or seek to outright prohibit their use. Instead of seeking to implement ineffective and often harmful bed nets to combat mosquitoes, these activist groups should abandon their double standard and embrace the use of pesticides against the bearers of devastating African epidemics.
Will Science Trump Politics in the Abortion Debate?:
September 21, 2005:
Wendy McElroy writes that the emerging technology of ectogenesis, enabling for fetuses to be sustained outside the mother's womb, might render the very premises of the abortion debate obsolete. Instead of focusing exclusively on either the fetus's right to life or the freedom of the mother's body, former antagonists in this debate may eventually be able to secure both by means of scientific progress. One can only hope that this technology might be cultivated so as to render abortion itself a relic of the past. 
Propping Up North Korea:
September 21, 2005:
The Bush Administration has, mere days ago, made a corrupt bargain with North Korea that endangers American security and the freedom of North Korea's citizens. This agreement provides U.S. aid to the foul dictatorship while expecting from it only a promise to end its nuclear program, writes Kyrel Zantonavitch.
Faith Based Initiative Stirs Debate:
September 28,2005:
Since 1991, Ontario has permitted individuals of certain religious convictions to arbitrate their disputes privately in accordance with religious law. Now, bureaucratic intervention threatens not only the religious freedom of the practitioners of private arbitration, but also the survival of private arbitration itself, writes Wendy McElroy.
"There is no better means to disclose the absurdity of a mode of reasoning than to let it pursue its full course to the end."                                            ~ Carl Menger