The Rational Argumentator's Third Anniversary Manifesto

G. Stolyarov II

A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XL-- August 18, 2005

          While The Rational Argumentator’s third anniversary is still two weeks away, and will occur on August 31, 2005, Mr. Stolyarov is sufficiently impressed with the magazine’s performance since its last anniversary to symbolically mark the passage of its third year today. As of the present, TRA’s cumulative visitation stands at 58555 visits, of which 30246 had been made in the past year alone. The latter number exceeds TRA’s cumulative visitation up to the beginning of its third year by a factor of almost 1.07, indicating that this year was more successful for The Rational Argumentator than its first two years combined.

            Indeed, there was reason enough for this success to come about, given The Rational Argumentator’s abundance of new features established during its third year. 14 new issues with 208 articles, poems, stories, or compositions have been created, a substantial increase from the activity during TRA’s second year. TRA articles have also been spread to other publications, receiving extensive space on The Autonomist, Enter Stage Right, Le Quebecois Libre, and The Liberal Institute. Furthermore, thanks to an idea and initial design offered by Raven A. Geary, The Rational Argumentator has a new superstructure index, allowing the swiftest possible navigation through its issues, list of contributors, and other primary components. TRA shall continue on this path of consistent development and improvement in coming years.

             In the spirit of the tolerant, welcoming editorial policy expressed in TRA’s Second Anniversary Manifesto,  the magazine has accepted a broad array of writers and viewpoints into its pages. Ideas by Objectivists, conservatives, neo-conservatives, libertarians, theists, atheists, and even an occasional sprinkling of moderates and liberals have been expressed. Often, those thinkers disagree with each other, and with Mr. Stolyarov himself, but The Rational Argumentator’s purpose is to facilitate intelligent, courteous debate in a free market of ideas, where civil disagreement is no threat, but rather a means for ideas to compete so that the best might win.

            Yet, surprising as it might seem, The Rational Argumentator, amidst all the variety of its content, does maintain a radical intellectual agenda nonetheless. Its features have hitherto expressed parts of it in detail, and will continue to do so. Presently, however, it would be fitting to offer a summary of TRA’s overarching objectives in the realm of ideas, so as to put all of its individual efforts into perspective.

Today’s cultural battle is between two primary paradigms, a fact which most people loosely sense, but are unable to precisely identify, since the two sides of this conflict are often obscured, diluted, or misrepresented. The primary battle is not between “conservatives” and “liberals,” nor between “traditionalists” and “progressives,” nor even necessarily between reason and emotion (though reason and irrational emotion are certainly irreconcilable antagonists). The primary battle is between the Old or True Western Culture and the New or Post-Western Culture.   

The above passage introduces my new outline of the real culture war, which has been raging for centuries. Titled, “The Fundamental Cultural Antagonism,” it offers a brief summary of this clash and the intellectual conflicts entailed in it. The Rational Argumentator is firmly on the side of the Old or True Western Culture, and encourages all contributions which might assist in its revival. All the topics listed in the chart at the end of that treatise are valid for discussion on TRA. Furthermore, the list is by no means exhaustive, and a broad array of other subject matters would befit “A Journal for Western Man.”

             What shall the future hold for The Rational Argumentator? Aside from even further increasing the amount of contributions and issues per year, resulting, hopefully, in an unprecedented number of visits, TRA shall endeavor to continue to streamline its navigational infrastructure.  TRA’s Forum shall also be reorganized to facilitate greater convenience for the participants and a hierarchical organization of topics and threads. The Chicago Methuselah Foundation Fund will continue to collect money for the eventual defeat of human mortality, while the quest for indefinite life shall be publicized with much greater frequency on TRA.

            Politically and culturally, the world is likely to experience many surprises during TRA’s fourth year, some pleasant, others terrifying. While we cannot foresee them all, TRA will continue to provide quality commentary on them from the viewpoints of rationality, individualism, and capitalism. Furthermore, we hope that The Rational Argumentator’s endeavors will have titled the scales, however slightly, in favor of the Old Western Culture which this magazine shall undauntedly champion. 

G. Stolyarov II is a science fiction novelist, independent filosofical essayist, poet, amateur mathematician and composer, contributor to organizations such as Le Quebecois Libre, Enter Stage Right, the Autonomist, and The Liberal Institute. Mr. Stolyarov is the Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Argumentator. He can be contacted at

This TRA feature has been edited in accordance with TRA's Statement of Policy.

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