March 15-19, 2010

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Public Policies and Economic Performance:
Gary Wolfram
March 19, 2010
In this essay, Dr. Gary Wolfram explains and applies Ludwig von Mises's argument that the system by which we organize our economic activity, and thus the type of public policy that we follow, is the primary determinant of our society's economic performance.

The Origins of Right and Left:
Kyrel Zantonavitch
March 18, 2010
This analysis by Kyrel Zantonavitch concerns an early version of Rightist and Leftist ideology more than two millennia before the French Revolution. It deals with the earliest opposition to rational philosophy and derivative liberal culture. It seeks to explain that the two natural and inevitable enemies of reason and Western Civilization are conservatism and progressivism, or Right and Left.

Remember the Father of the Constitution:
Gary Galles
March 19, 2010
March 16 marks James Madison's birthday. He was "the father of the Constitution"; no one had a greater hand in constructing and interpreting the highest law of our land. Dr. Gary Galles writes that Madison's understanding is especially important today, given how far we have moved away from the very limited government the Constitution authorized and toward one that continually expands its power at the expense of Americans.

Supporting the War Instead of the Troops:
Ron Paul
March 15, 2010
Last week, Congress debated a resolution directing the President to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan no later than the end of this year.  The Constitution gives the power to declare war to the Congress, so it is clearly appropriate for Congress to assert its voice on matters of armed conflict. In recent decades, however, Congress has defaulted on this most critical duty, essentially granting successive presidents the unilateral (and clearly unconstitutional) power to begin and end wars at will.  This resolution was not expected to pass; however, writes Rep. Ron Paul, the ensuing debate and floor vote served some very important purposes. 

Lehman Scandal Has Just Begun:
Charles N. Steele
March 15, 2010
The bankruptcy examiner's report on Lehman Brothers has just been filed in court, and the early accounts are quite eye-opening. Dr. Charles Steele's guess is that the Lehman scandal has only begun.  Mr. Obama ought to drop his ill-conceived and unpopular health care reform agenda and tackle something that is crucial and doable, and that would be very popular with voters across the spectrum: clean up the corrupt Wall Street-Treasury-Fed triangle.

The Intersection of Healthcare and Cap-and-Trade:
Marita Noon
March 17, 2010
On February 16 of this year, three corporate giants suddenly pulled out of a leading alliance of businesses and environmental groups known as the U.S. Climate Action Partnership. Their participation was heralded by some as proof of their belief in manmade global warming—when it could have merely been acquiescence to the inevitable and a chance to participate in the potential profits. The recent announcement by ConocoPhillips, BP America, and Caterpillar that that the bills now in Congress are unfair to American industry shows that the motive was more profit than protection. They knew all along that cap-and-trade was a scheme and not a solution, but the way the rules are set, they would come out ahead by playing along. Using an existing government program – Medicaid  – as a parallel, Marita Noon's newest opinion editorial shows how, given the direction government was heading, cap-and-trade was their better option. We can hope, now, that other companies will follow suit by speaking up regarding the damage these polices will do to the American economy.

Obamacare: Dead Man Walking:
Alan Caruba
March 17, 2010
Alan Caruba has been telling friends for days that it doesn’t matter if Obamacare is somehow “passed” by the House and sent to the White House for the President’s signature. It is as dead as Marley’s ghost. Mr. Caruba explains the reasoning behind his prediction in this article.

Accelerating the Speed of Lies:
Alan Caruba
March 17, 2010
Alan Caruba has been reading David Kupelian’s new book, How Evil Works, and thinking a lot lately about lies, lying, and liars. At the heart of great frauds is the lie, and it seems to Mr. Caruba that Americans have lately been subjected to a surfeit of lies that began with the 2008 election campaign in which a virtually unknown, first-term Illinois Senator announced he was running for President.

Obama Sends "Stimulus" Funds to Phantom Congressional Districts:
Tom DeWeese
March 19, 2010  
To promote bragging rights for how much good the stimulus money was doing for America, the Obama Administration set up a website called “” Recorded on the site were details by zip code and congressional district as to how much money was sent there and how many new jobs were created as a result. It was a great piece of public relations where news reporters and politicians could find and quote the latest “good news for the economy.” The problem, writes Tom DeWeese, was that many of the districts and zip codes listed on the site simply did not exist.

Is America Becoming a Police State?:
Chuck Baldwin
March 19, 2010  
Dr. Chuck Baldwin believes that only a blind or deliberately nave man cannot see that America -- the once-proud "land of the free" -- is being systematically turned into a twenty-first-century police state.
"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." 
~ Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire