December 21-25, 2009

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Avoiding Austro-Flamewars:
Jeffrey Tucker
December 21, 2009
Digital media — particularly "social" media like forums, wikis, blogs, and tweets — have forced all people, including intellectuals, to engage each other as never before in human history. And yet, people have discovered that to know others is not necessarily to love them. Conflicts and confrontations are a regular feature of daily discussion, which is all fine; but sometimes these can become personal and hysterical, and lead to lifelong hatreds. Jeffrey Tucker has noticed three personality types based on three archetypes or muses in Austrian history and tradition: Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich A. Hayek, and Murray N. Rothbard. Better understanding these personality types may enable various argumentators to get along while pursuing economic and philosophical truths

Krugman Falls into the Keynesian Accounting Trap:
Robert P. Murphy
December 25, 2009
It's one thing to criticize Paul Krugman for his views on Austrian economics, but only a brave soul would have the temerity to question Krugman's discussion of the Keynesian approach to international trade, right? Since Krugman is the world's most famous living Keynesian, and he won the Nobel (Memorial) Prize for his work on trade theory, accusing him of a basic error on this score would be akin to telling Madonna she knows nothing of pop music. Even so, writes Dr. Robert Murphy, in a recent blog post Krugman's advocacy for deficit spending leads him to commit a basic fallacy when discussing economic output and trade. What's really ironic is that Krugman has previously exposed this particular fallacy when others made it! That the master Keynesian was vulnerable to such a naïve mistake justifies the Austrian warning that focusing on equations of aggregate variables is the wrong approach in economics.

Film Analysis
Avatar's Savage Message:
Edward Hudgins
December 25, 2009
James Cameron’s new film Avatar is loaded with fresh, eye-popping special effects, all in a new, cutting-edge 3-D that sets the standard in cinema technology. But, writes Dr. Edward Hudgins, it is also loaded with tired, mind-numbing leftist clichés embedded in old, reactionary themes that set a new low for political propaganda.

Shining the Light on Energy:
Marita Noon
December 21, 2009
If you follow the news, health care fills the political reporting, as it should. It has the potential to radically change an enormous portion of the American economy. However, there are other issues that need frequent attention lest, as the Wall Street Journal states, the legislation quietly "rolls through." Marita Noon refers to the various energy policies, legislation, and regulations that are currently on the table. While healthcare may represent 1/6 of the economy, energy is the economy, as energy usage and GDP go hand-in-hand. There are three major energy issues that require diligence: Cap-and-Trade, Climategate/Copenhagen, and Carbon Rulings.

Year of Youth: Project 2012 to Save the Republic:
Tom DeWeese
December 25, 2009
In American politics, one seldom sees political movements which advocate limited-government positions targeting the youth. Just as rare are movements that work from the ground up, focusing on local campaigns and allowing federal involvement to grow up from the local level. This is precisely what is being attempted in Year of Youth: Project 2012. The idea is to expand youth involvement in the political process, train young liberty-minded activists on the campaign trail in 2010, and then run hundreds of youth campaigns for local offices nationwide in 2012. Tom DeWeese discusses this original and emerging movement.

Understanding the Global-Warming Jihadists:
Selwyn Duke
December 25, 2009
Selwyn Duke analyzes the implications of Climategate, the scandal everyone is talking about and that inspired British journalist James Delingpole to write that “it's [the climate con is] all unravelling now.”  Mr. Duke only wishes that he could be so optimistic.

Iran Sanctions are Precursor to War:
Ron Paul
December 25, 2009
Last week the House overwhelmingly approved a measure to put a new round of sanctions on Iran.  If this measure passes the Senate, the United States could no longer do business with anyone who sold refined petroleum products to Iran or helped the Iranians develop their ability to refine their own petroleum.  The sad thing, writes Rep. Ron Paul, is that many of his colleagues voted for this measure because they felt it would deflect a military engagement with Iran.  Rep. Paul would put the question to them, how would Congress react if another government threatened our critical trading partners in this way?  Would we not view it as asking for war?

The National Anxiety Center Lists Top Ten Fears:
Alan Caruba
December 25, 2009
Founded in 1990, The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information about “scare campaigns” designed to influence public opinion and policy, has periodically issued a list of the top anxieties Americans will experience in the coming year. “The list,” says founder Alan Caruba, “is subjective; it is based on an analysis of the past year’s headlines and anticipated events. It incorporates on-going, often long term concerns that Americans have expressed.”

Life in a Box:
Paul Driessen
December 25, 2009
This commentary by Paul Driessen contrasts the philosophies of Rosencrantz and Patrick Henry – and examines the box … the predicament … that our increasingly restrictive and punitive laws and policies have put us in – on energy, economics, and the environment.

Painting "Kima" - Part II - Video:
Wendy Stolyarov
December 21, 2009
In her third video painting demonstration, Wendy Stolyarov continues her work on "Kima". You can see Part I of this video series to witness the earlier stages of this painting's creation.

"Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day. " 
~ Thomas Jefferson