July 16-17, 2008

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Guns for Defense:
Fred Reed

July 17, 2008
The other day Fred Reed glanced at the web site of the Lake Chapala Society, a social club of sorts for expats around Mexico’s Lake Chapala. Clicking on “Safety,” he found a long list of reasons why you should never, ever use a firearm to protect your home and family. No. See, you might miss, or be scared, or the intruders might take it away and shoot you, and they might be all mad and hurt you when all they wanted was your television. No, the best thing is to let them do what they want, and then maybe they won’t do anything bad to you. Mr. Reed discusses how dangerous this attitude of giving criminals free rein is.

The Market Works Just in Time:
Robert P. Murphy

July 16, 2008
Dr. Robert Murphy writes that the recent political controversies over record oil prices have underscored the sad truth that even nominal friends of the market don't understand how it really works. Because they have only a superficial grasp of this complex "organism" and how it coordinates interactions among billions of Homo sapiens spread across the entire planet, they quickly denounce its operations whenever things depart from the ordinary. The market is apparently good enough to be allowed to work when things are monotonous, but (we are told by its fair-weather friends) the politicians need to take the wheel when the road gets bumpy.

The Genesis of Right and Left:
Kyrel Zantonavitch

July 17, 2008
Kyrel Zantonavitch writes that the permanent fight between existence and non-existence, life and death, pleasure and pain, flourishing and suffering, prosperity and poverty, civilization and barbarism, happiness and misery, good and evil, truth and falsity, etc., takes many forms. But for the past 2600 years -- ever since rationality was discovered and invented -- the world has principally been engaged in an unending battle of reasonism versus skepticism and dogmatism.

My Stimulus Bribe:
Alan Caruba

July 16, 2008
Alan Caruba asks, why should we be grateful to a government that, as it grows larger and larger, seems increasingly less competent to address common-sense solutions to our energy needs, refusing to permit the exploration, drilling, and mining of our own national resources? We need a stimulus in rational solutions to real problems. We need something that a government must earn, not confiscate, and not secure through a bribe. It’s called trust. It’s called confidence.

Are These People Stupid, Nuts, or Both?:
Alan Caruba

July 16, 2008
There are two states on opposite sides of the nation where, if something really stupid can be proposed, they represent the most fertile ground. Alan Caruba speaks, of course, of New Jersey and California. In early July some of the Democrat heavy hitters who run New Jersey joined U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. in an event to lambaste the notion of actually permitting the exploration and extraction of oil way, way off the coast of New Jersey. On the podium was Governor Jon Corzine and both of New Jersey’s Senators, Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez. If mendacity has a particular odor to it, the stench of this event is probably still lingering over Belmar.

The Ron Paul Freedom March:
Chuck Baldwin

July 16, 2008
Dr. Chuck Baldwin was privileged to be invited to speak at Congressman Ron Paul's Freedom March this past Saturday on the Mall in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. In fact, he spoke immediately preceding Dr. Paul and helped introduce the ten-term congressman. Dr. Baldwin relates his impressions of this inspiring event.

Barack Obama and the UN's Drive for Global Governance:
Tom DeWeese

July 16, 2008
Senator Barack Obama has introduced a dangerous bill, and it's on the fast track to Senate passage, probably because of his high-profile position as the expected Democrat presidential nominee. Obama hasn't done much legislatively in his freshman Senate term, but this one is very telling about what we can expect from a President Obama. Tom DeWeese explains why Obama's Global Poverty Act is so dangerous.

Barack Obama and Equal Pay for Women:
Selwyn Duke

July 16, 2008
What do you call a man who sermonizes about the evils of paying women less than men but allows that very practice in his own office?  While a certain unflattering noun would leap to the minds of most, we can now apply a proper one: Barack Obama.
Now, some might call Obama a hypocrite.  Isn’t he guilty of the very invidious discrimination he claims plagues America?  It’s certainly easy to take this tack, and many on Selwyn Duke's side will have a field day doing so.  Yet, such an analysis only qualifies us for a job such as, well, working in a leftist senator’s office.  Selwyn Duke suggests that we look a little deeper.

Getting Out of Iraq:
Ron Paul

July 16, 2008
What will it take to get our troops out of Iraq? The roughly 70 percent of Americans who are firmly against the war often ask this question. Those in power are reluctant to give conditions, but when they do and those conditions are met, the goal post is quietly moved. Ron Paul urges action on this issue to prevent further damage done to American troops and the American economy.

Real Change:
Ron Paul

July 16, 2008
One reason people are unhappy with the way politics and governments operate is that people who run for office are known to “say one thing and do another.”  Thus, we have the call for “change.”  Candidates for high office make frequent use of that word.  Even our House Republican Conference’s recently released slogan highlights that word. Yet, writes Rep. Ron Paul, bringing about change is easier said than done.  The American people are aware that government is broken and must be fixed.  They will demand more than lip service as our problems become more severe.

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver." 
~ Ayn Rand

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