June 20-22, 2008

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The Best Self-Help is Free: Chapter 22: Keeping Your Money:
G. Stolyarov II

June 22, 2008
Chapter 22 of The Best Self-Help is Free gives ten habits which will aid you in keeping the money you have earned and protecting yourself against common financial pitfalls. Mr. Stolyarov explains how one can resist both the vicissitudes of financial markets and the temptation to buy items one neither needs nor truly wants.

The Differences and Errors Prevalent Within Genders:
Fred Reed

June 22, 2008
Fred Reed has concluded that both sexes are grave mistakes, and constitute a sort of festering biological schizophrenia (if schizophrenia can fester), but they seem to be errors of different sorts. Mr. Reed wonders whether men and women live in quite the same mental world and comments on the peculiar characteristics prevalent within each gender.

Our Financial House of Cards and How to Start Replacing It With Solid Gold:
George Reisman

June 20, 2008
A credit crisis has been spreading through the economic system. It began with the collapse of the housing bubble, which was the result of years of Federal Reserve–sponsored credit expansion. This credit expansion poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the purchase of homes largely by subprime borrowers who never had a realistic capability of repaying their mortgage debts in the first place. And, not surprisingly, large numbers of them in fact stopped making the payments required by their mortgages. Dr. George Reisman offers a solution to the present crisis -- which entails a return to the gold standard.

Historical Analysis
Gustave de Molinari's Evolving Theory of Defense:
Wendy D. Bateman

June 20, 2008
Gustave de Molinari, born in Belgium in 1820, was perhaps France's most radically free-market economist. In his essay “The Production of Security” and his book The Society of To-Morrow, Molinari defends free markets as the only means for creating prosperity and civilization; he also denounces statism and government intervention as harmful and unnatural. Wendy D. Bateman discusses Molinari's theory of free-market defense and how it changed during the course of this thinker's life.

March #1, Op. 2:
G. Stolyarov II

June 20, 2008
Mr. Stolyarov composed his first march in 2001. It has been re-orchestrated for a synthesized brass section. The march has two principal themes which are alternated and varied, each becoming more intricate as the piece progresses. Length: 2:54. Right-click to save to disk.

Grand Procession, Op. 14:
G. Stolyarov II

June 20, 2008
"Grand Procession" was composed in 2001; it was Mr. Stolyarov's first attempt at a multi-instrumental composition. Since MIDI sequencers were not available to him then, Mr. Stolyarov had to play each track by hand and attempt to align it with the played-back recording of all the other tracks. This composition is writen for piano, two flutes, organ, harpsichord, and a string section. As the name suggests, it is meant to evoke images of a triumphal procession -- of a civilian rather than military nature (since most of the instruments involved would not be available to a military band or orchestra). Length: 1:56. Right-click to save to disk.

Soul Sisters:

Rodney Rawlings

June 22, 2008
This lively musical work is described by Rodney Rawlings as "a Lesley-Gore-type song to close out the story of Johnny, Judy, and Lesley." The pop music of the early 1960s was a major inspiration for Mr. Rawlings's own compositions and interest in music. Length: 1:45. Right-click to save to disk.

Is the Democratic Party the CPUSA in Disguise?:
Alan Caruba

June 20, 2008
It’s no secret that Democrats are liberal, but when you peel away their devotion to environmental policies that have left America vulnerable to foreign nations on whom we depend for the importation of oil, what has been revealed is an intention to nationalize our nation’s oil industry. That, simply stated, is communism. Alan Caruba describes the Democrats' recent overtly communistic proposals.

Going Green = $4 Per Gallon:
Tom DeWeese

June 20, 2008
You hear it everywhere now – on the nightly news; in car ads; in government reports; at the super market. Instructions on how to “reduce your carbon footprint,” “save the planet” and “go green” are the new national mantras for behavior modification of our daily lives. Tom DeWeese writes that it is interesting to note that as the nation jumps on the “go green” band wagon, more Americans are beginning to feel that the American Dream is passing them by.

Venezuela Goes to the Dogs:
Alan Caruba

June 22, 2008
Coming just a week or so after Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) publicly said the U.S. government should nationalize the nation’s oil refineries, echoing a similar earlier threat by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) to nationalize the entire industry, it is instructive to see what has happened in Venezuela where a Communist wannabe dictator, Hugo Chavez, nationalized that nation’s oil industry. Alan Caruba explores the horrendous damage Chavez has inflicted on the Venezuelan people and economy.

"Every aspect of Western culture needs a new code of ethics - a rational ethics - as a precondition of rebirth." 
~ Ayn Rand

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