A Journal for Western Man :  Issue XII

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Historical Analysis


Frederic Bastiat on Government:
Dr. Gary M. Galles

March 27, 2003:
Dr. Gary M. Galles recalls words of wisdom from a classical French champion of laissez-faire economics, a man who courageously exposed the fallacies behind government interventionism and redistributionism and the double bind into which these policies inherently place the people of a nation.


Of "Liberty and Justice for All": The American Eugenics Movement:

Anna Kaluzny

April 14, 2003:
When pseudo-science is employed to justify collectivist and irrationalist prejudices, state and public-sanctioned persecution results. This is not a mere phenomenon of today's pharmacratic paradigm. Anna Kaluzny presents a thorough portrayal of a past movement of prejudicial rationalization that, hopefully, will serve as a lesson learned from history.


Literary Analysis


Orwell's Warning: Relativism:

G. Stolyarov II

April 10, 2003:
This is the continuation of G. Stolyarov II's extensive analysis on the totalitarian mentality portrayed in George Orwell's 1984. This particular essay debunks the fallacy of relativism and demonstrates its grave and grievous consequences in the absolute reality.


Orwell's Warning: Doublethink:

G. Stolyarov II

April 11, 2003:
G. Stolyarov II has published the fourth essay in the Orwell's Warning series. This work explores the fallacious foundations of the "doublethink" mentality of Orwell's projected society. Doublethink is a behavioral framework of protective stupidity derived from relativism.


Orwell's Warning: Popular Culture:

G. Stolyarov II

April 14, 2003:
The fifth essay in G. Stolyarov II's commentary presents a frightening portrayal of a totalitarian regime's usage of emotional propaganda to inculcate the populace into rote submission. The parallels to the mass media culture of today are frightening.


Orwell's Warning: Newspeak:

G. Stolyarov II

April 16, 2003:
Using loaded, politically correct, emotional terms, the collectivist oligarchy in 1984 seeks to mutate the fundamental mindframes of its subjects. G. Stolyarov II reveals the vile purpose and tactics of collectivist linguistic alteration and simplification.




Stolyarov's Twelfth Corollary: Derivations of Angular Tangent Relationships Using Radial Periodicity of Fundamental Pythagorean Triples:

G. Stolyarov II

April 9, 2003:
G. Stolyarov II supplements his extensive mathematical theory on the periodicity of Fundamental Pythagorean Triples with the derivation of a handy relationship between the tangents of the angles within such triples.




The Creator's Melody:

G. Stolyarov II

April 16, 2003:

What is the essence of logical, structured, uplifting music? This sonnet by G. Stolyarov II explores that question.




Smashing Windows for Peace:

Dr. Robert Garmong

March 26, 2003:

Although there is nothing fundamentally unlawful about expressing even the mistaken ideas of those opposed to the Iraq War, writes Dr. Robert Garmong, the protesters' current techniques amount to coercing others into falling in line with their obnoxious bickering.


They Hate Us, Too:

Peter Schwartz

March 26, 2003:

Peter Schwartz reveals the true motivations of the protesters against the Iraq conflict: not a hatred of war or hostility, but a resentment toward America, individualism, capitalism, and actions in the interest of national security.


U. N. May be a Casualty of the Iraq War:

W. James Antle III

March 26, 2003:

W. James Antle III analyzes the steady loss of the United Nations' credibility due to its equivocation during the Iraq crisis. It is time for conservatives of all stripes, writes he, to abandon any advocacy for that international dead weight.



Michael Miller

March 27, 2003:

Learn from Michael Miller of the stunning personality of Rush Limbaugh and his powerful tactics of honesty that debunk the establishment and cause it to cower in fear of a conservative, egoist  renaissance.