A Journal for Western Man :  Issue XIII

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When Smoking Gets in Your Eyes: Separating the Facts from the Fiction:

Steven Weingarten

April 19, 2003:

Although TRA supports volitionally consenting adults' right to smoke, Steven Weingarten speaks of horrendous health defects of such a practice, as well as of tobacco companies' frightening tendency to target youths with their advertisements.




And Death Shall Be No More:

G. Stolyarov II

April 19, 2003:

This short story by G. Stolyarov II depicts the ultimate conflict of the near future: between the prodigious self-made industrialist and the mystical government-regulator hippie.





Michael Miller

April 19, 2003:

How can one distinguish the honest, law-enforcing "Bobby" cop from the terror-inflicting, populace-harassing "Gestapo" cop? Michael Miller writes that one must merely inspect the cop's position on gun control to find out.


Diversity is not Our Strength:

William K. Kelly

April 23, 2003:

William K. Kelly argues that productivity and family values-- i.e., qualities of individuals, not diverse ethnographic makeup-- are inherent determinants of this country's greatness.


Misunderstanding Free Speech:

Charles Bloomer

April 23, 2003:

Criticism of radical and controversial beliefs is not a violation of free speech, writes Charles Bloomer. Rather, it is an exercise of free speech and an inevitable consequence of a free market of ideas.


Historical Analysis


H. L. Mencken on Liberty and Government:

Dr. Gary M. Galles

April 21, 2003:

H.L. Mencken was an author whose cynicism toward government and whose embrace of individual sovereignty should serve as fitting guidelines for the thinkers of today, writes Dr. Gary M. Galles.


Literary Analysis


Orwell's Warning: Vaporization:

G. Stolyarov II

April 19, 2003:

Continuing his profound Orwell's Warning commentary series, G. Stolyarov II explores the means by which the statist oligarchy in Mr. Orwell's magnum opus crushes dissent against its ironfisted rule.


Orwell's Warning: The Origin of Tyranny:

G. Stolyarov II

April 29, 2003:

Who becomes the collectivist oligarch and what are his motivations? G. Stolyarov II explores that question in this essay.