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Michael Miller

Issue XII- March 27, 2003


While talking to a friend I hadn't seen in some years, I was startled to learn that he had never heard of Rush Limbaugh. I thought everyone had. Rush is a beam of light shining through the establishment's blackout of the right.

If you haven't yet discovered Rush, you have a treat in store for you! He ruins the establishment view of things.

Rush is a conservative who doesn't think that conservatives must always lose. He is a political commentator who thinks that truth is his most powerful weapon, and honesty is the most potent tactic. He is a broadcaster who thinks morality is a good thing.

Rush is phenomenally successful in the US. His daily radio talk show draws an audience of about 20,000,000. He has his own daily half-hour TV show. His newsletter, The Limbaugh Letter, has a circulation of 400,000.

He is not, and never was, a pampered establishment pussy. He started with a small radio show in a small market, advocating ideas which were almost universally regarded as suicidally unpopular–and grew, and grew and grew. A bill was introduced in Congress to change the rules governing radio to make his kind of show impossible; it was dubbed the "Hush Rush" law. It was laughed to scorn, and Rush's popularity grows and grows.

Rush is widely credited with changing the direction of American politics. His success emboldened the legendarily timid, statist-infested Republican party to actually propose reversing the statist trend. The result was the "Contract With America" platform, and a crushing Republican victory in last November's elections. Liberals are thunderstruck; they have no idea what hit them!

A moral man hit them.
This is so far outside their mental universes that they have no words to name it, and no way to understand it. They feel that "moral" means helpless and hopeless; when they are confronted with a moral powerhouse, they don't know what the hell they're looking at!

Rush projects a perfect and complete egoist personality. His invincible good cheer, his conviction that morality matters, his delight in victory and resilience in defeat, his ingenuity in political combat, his unflinching reliance on his own judgment–all proclaim egoism with a capital "E." That is why he's a force even beyond US borders, and that is why he terrifies liberals–he is a living, breathing, example of the opposite of their moral code. And he's winning.

Rush is a thorough egoist who is thoroughly social. According to the leftist mindset, this combination is impossible. So they have no faintest clue how to cope with it. They feel the dread of having to deal with something that is real and powerful, but impossible and unknowable. As Rush would chuckle, "Heh, heh, heh."

Rush is a master of the primary social virtues: honesty and justice.

He is not only honest himself, he demands it of others. While the tame, establishment, lap-dog press (the poodle press!) laments the decline of honesty, and blames it on TV's lack of memory–Rush runs videotape! He compares what the guy said today with videotape of what the guy said yesterday. He exposes more lies, switches, waffles and contradictions in a week than the poodle press do in a year!

Rush is a relentless name-dropper and boaster, and is lavish with praise for his allies! If you are uncomfortable with these, recognize that they are all aspects of justice. To drop a name is to claim the moral sanction someone has extended to you. To boast about a real accomplishment is to advertise your virtues, and to present a valid claim for further moral sanction. To praise your allies is to pay them for the benefits their virtues confer on you.

These are no small matters. To fail to drop a name you're entitled to drop, or to fail to boast of a genuine achievement is like scattering money on the ground and walking away. To fail to praise men's virtues is like picking their pockets. How long could civilization last if men freely discarded their own money, and then ripped off their neighbors? The answer is: about as long as it can last if men commit the corresponding sins against moral sanction!

So support Rush! Tape him! Tell all your friends and associates about Rush. Talk over his shows with friends. Watch him to see a master at work, and to learn from an expert. And, of course, insert this article into the Quackgrass Press network!

What you pay for you get more of; what you don't pay for goes away. We can't afford to waste good guys! 



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Michael Miller is an engineer and Objectivist filosofer with thirty years of experience. He had been a member of Boycott Alberta Medicare in 1969 and of the Association to Defend Property Rights from 1973 on. He writes in-depth filosofical theory for Quackgrass Press, which can be accessed at http://www.quackgrass.com.

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