A Journal for Western Man :  Issue LI

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For Society to Thrive, the Rich Must Be Left Alone:
March 3, 2006:
Dr. George Reisman refutes the myth that income inequality is undesirable or represents a flaw in the market. Dr. Reisman shows that the growth in the incomes of the wealthy results in increased investment and the production of more and better goods for everyone to enjoy-- while the growth of government power and regulations curtails rises in people's standards of living.

Hayek's Plan for Private Money:
March 9, 2006:
Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek offered a radical plan in 1978 to create a free market of competing fiat currencies. Dr. Murphy explores this extremely controversial proposal and endeavors to defend it against objections that miss the point.

The Austrian Rejection of Indifference: The Caplan-Callahan Debate:
March 9, 2006:
Austrian Economics rejects the notion of indifference as irrelevant to praxeological analysis of human behavior; the neoclassicist Bryan Caplan contested this view, and the Austrian economist Gene Callahan responded to his arguments. G. Stolyarov II provides a brief summary and analysis of this debate.


The Equivalency Fiction:
March 9, 2006:
No, not all cultures and religions are created equal, writes Selwyn Duke. The moral relativism that posits this equality is self-defeating; it leaves one no ability to argue against bigotry and intolerance in other cultures-- especially the culture of the Islamist fanatics, which threatens to deprive us of our most basic liberties.

Literary Analysis

Cléante: Spokesman for a Rational Morality:
March 4, 2006:
Molière's play, Tartuffe, immerses a prudent, rational, moral man-- Cléante-- in a menagerie of unwarranted passions, mistaken ideas, willful self-deception, and the deceitful manipulations of Tartuffe the imposter. G. Stolyarov II writes of how Cléante uses a morality of reason-- founded on the law of non-contradiction-- to resolve the situation.


Rewarding Murder:
March 8, 2006:
Fanatical Islamist clerics have issued death warrants for the heroic Danish cartoonists who dared to criticize their faith, but the West has been either silent or apologetic in return; there has been no firm reaction against the fanatics' savagery, writes Andre Zantonavitch. Unless the Western world launches an active, forceful response against the barbarians, they will only become ever more emboldened.

It Takes a Moral Mess to Know a Moral Mess:
March 9, 2006:
The Islamists and the governments of Islamic countries are barbarians outside the realm of civilized discourse, writes Dr. Edward Hudgins. They insist that any criticism of their faith be banned-- thereby demanding that the West apologize for not oppressing its citizens in the manner that Islamist governments do.

CBS's Stem Cell Shenanigans:
March 9, 2006:
Michael Fumento exposes CBS's fraudulent coverage of the stem cell issue; CBS has repeatedly lauded the benefits of embryonic stem cell research, which has never yet benefited a human being, while wholly ignoring the already existing immense positive effects of adult stem research on human health.

More Than a Day on a Calendar:
March 9, 2006:
March 8 was International Women's Day, a fitting time to remember the millions of women who died from the horrific disease: malaria. Roy Innis explains how environmentalist schemes have prevented effective treatments of malaria from reaching African countries. Mr. Innis argues that the use of the pesticide DDT in these treatments is imperative, contrary to environmentalist dogma.

The "Specter" of Condemnation Hangs Over All Property:
March 9, 2006:
Tom DeWeese states his fears that the Property Rights Protection Act-- Congress's reaction against the Supreme Court's anti-liberty Kelo v. New London decision-- will be stalled in the Senate, despite the ardent efforts of property rights advocates. The reason? Senator Arlen Specter, who is deliberately stalling the legislation in committee, due to his advocacy of big government and friendship with the power-hungry U.S. Conference of Mayors and National League of Cities.

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."

~ Nikola Tesla