A Journal for Western Man :  Issue LV

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Le Vizir:
April 19, 2006:
Le Vizir was the name of Napoleon's white horse. This painting is how Miss Wendy D. Bateman imagines it during the height of its vigor.


Milton Friedman's Pragmatic and Incremental Libertarianism:
April 14, 2006:
Dr. Edward W. Younkins gives a comprehensive exposition of the ideas and accomplishments of free-market Chicago school economist Milton Friedman. Friedman's work has assisted in the endeavor to obtain more freedom and smaller government, even though his empiricist methodology is not sufficient to do the job in an intellectual war which only a more deeply-rooted causal, moral, and logically-grounded approach can win.

Where Would General Motors Be Without the United Automobile Workers' Union?:
April 22, 2006:
Dr. George Reisman criticizes the restraints imposed upon General Motors by a union that it is forced to deal with-- even though dealing with it implies suffering immense losses while propping up wasteful, incompetent union workers.

Aristotle and Carl Menger: Immanent Realist and Austrian Aristotelian on Value Theory:
April 26, 2006:
Hal Gorby compares the ideas of the Greek intellectual giant Aristotle and Carl Menger-- the founder of Austrian Economics-- on the sources of economic value and its application to the market process. Mr. Gorby traces clearly Aristotelian influences in Menger's work and makes the case that Menger elaborated on and improved upon Aristotle's ideas.

George Selgin's Defense of Austrian Economics against Radical Subjectivism:
April 26, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II reviews George Selgin's essay, "Praxeology and Understanding," in which Selgin refutes the criticisms of radical subjectivist skeptics who seek to deny the efficacy of the free market and the validity of economic analysis.


Surprise: Fidel Castro Acts Like a Communist:
April 17, 2006:
Despite leftist efforts to paint Fidel Castro's Cuba as a Communist paradise, the truth is that it is as wretched, miserable, and oppressive an environment as any other Communist regime is and has been. Tom DeWeese writes of new evidence to support this recognition-- pictures and experiences gathered by the courageous Czech model Helena Houdova on her trip to Cuba. 

Tax Policy is Moral Policy:
April 17, 2006:
Dr. Edward Hudgins condemns the expropriating, redistributive function of today's tax code-- as well as its unjust "progressive" nature, taking a larger proportion of the incomes of those who produce more. He insists that taxation be limited to funding legitimate government functions: military, police, courts, and administration of just laws.

Africa Malaria Day: Action or Bombast?:
April 17, 2006:
This Africa Malaria Day, there might be some future progress to look forward to in the fight against the dread disease that infects over 400 million Africans every year, writes Roy Innis. An ever-increasing number of scientists, politicians, human rights activists, and intellectuals are supporting the movement to legalize the use of the pesticide DDT and prevent coercive sanctions on DDT-using countries by the European Union and anti-progressive environmental groups.

On Tax Day, Pretend Like It's Your Money and Get Mad:
April 19, 2006:
Dr. Edward Hudgins notes that the government takes more than 40% of the average American's money and uses it to fund paternalistic programs that presume that Americans cannot take care of themselves. Dr. Hudgins urges Americans to get mad about this wanton abuse of government authority and to urge the government to give individuals sovereignty over their own money.

Future American Lawyers Take a Stand for Freedom:
April 25, 2006:
Tom DeWeese salutes Georgetown University students and faculty, who made clear their disapproval of arrests without due process under the liberty-violating Patriot Act. These individuals-- who civilly displayed an insightful Benjamin Franklin quote before visiting Attorney General Alberto Gonzales-- showed that they do not automatically accept government policy as lawful simply because the government says so.

Misguided Social Responsibility at General Electric:
April 25, 2006:
The "corporate social responsibility" initiatives launched by General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt are profoundly socially irresponsible, writes Paul Driessen. Such measures promote coercive government restrictions of economic development in the name of protection from specious "environmental threats" like global warming.

"Those elderly who use 'experience' to demean and humiliate the young are worthless. They have nothing else to justify their 'superiority' besides a chronic record of their own dismal failures and their envious hatred for those who have not failed and will not fail."

~ G. Stolyarov II