Painting "Blue Jay" - Part III - Video

Wendy Stolyarov
Issue CCXXXIV - February 7, 2010
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Comments by the artist:
"This painting is based on a tiny porcelain figurine that my husband purchased at a garage sale in rural Michigan years and years ago. The little statuette is less than two inches high, but it's adorable. I perched it on top of my monitor and painted away. I hope you like it.

"I have no idea what kind of bird it might be, though. No blue jay I could find has a yellow chest, but the statuette is definitely jay-shaped. Any amateur ornithologists out there? I'd love to know what I painted.

"The final painting can be seen here.

"Sadly, the last hour or so of work didn't get recorded because I got up to get a snack and forgot to resume recording. Please forgive the GIANT leap in progress from rough to DONE near the end."

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