A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXXII
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Focus on Existence:
February 25, 2005:
Michael Miller presents a clear, fundamental filosofical insight that would have saved mankind from centuries of mysticism and non-sensical speculation. His suggestion? That man focus on what actually exists, rather than wonder about the "properties" of absence and non-existence.
Efficient versus Right Thinking:
February 25, 2005:
Reginald Firehammer refutes the claim that only actions can be good and evil, and not ideas, and argues that such a view renders one susceptible to grossly mistreating one's consciousness and thinking abilities.
Unjustified Psychiatric Commitment in the U.S.A.:
March 1, 2005:
Lawrence Stevens, J.D., presents his case against psychotherapy, arguing that the practice is useless, a financial drain on customers, and an unjustified reinforcement of the "professional authority" of psychiatrists who truly do not understand the human condition.
An Interview with Dmitry Costygin:
March 1, 2005:
Karen Minto interviews an Objectivist thinker who has been integral in translating Ayn Rand's works into Russian and rendering them available to Russian audiences.
A Review of Christopher Schlegel's Symphony #1 in C Major:
March 16, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II reviews Mr. Schlegel's first symfonic work, which already demonstrated the Objectivist composer's view of music as a triumfant, heroic, rational endeavor.
Against Humility:
March 10, 2005:
Humility, or self-debasement, is commonly considered a virtue, but "vulgar opinion is no moral law," writes G. Stolyarov II. This poem is an assertion of individualism, pride, and the quest for happiness, all of which are irreconcilably opposed to humility.
Social Security Reform: A Free-Market Alternative:
February 25, 2005:
The Bush Administration's plan to "partially privatize" Social Security might actually lead to government control over large sectors of the economy, argues Dr. George Reisman. The best way to deal with the Social Security crisis is to take drastic steps to abolish the system.
Leave Fruit Aesthetics to the Consumer:
February 25, 2005:
The Florida Tomato Commission has recently imposed severe restrictions on genetically modified UglyRipe tomatoes, simply because their external appearance does not fit the regulators' one-size-fits-all criteria. Dr. Gary M. Galles demolishes the ideas behind fruit regulation and claims that a free market will serve consumer preferences best of all.
A Call for the Urgent Abolition of Social Security:
Marcvh 1, 2005:
In a brief statement, G. Stolyarov II shows how the current Social Security system (a severe misnomer, by the way) is both practically and morally corrupt, and deserves nothing short of immediate abolition.
What Free Speech is Not:
March 8, 2005:
Recalling his attendance at a conference of purported experts of free speech from academia, media, and government, G. Stolyarov II makes the argument that these elites have absolutely no idea what free speech is, why it is significant, what sorts of individuals truly value it, and what sort of society it would bring about.
The Tyranny of Eminent Domain:
March 8, 2005:
Larry Salzman and Alex Epstein argue that the government's self-proclaimed power to confiscate anybody's property if it deems such an action "in service to the public interest" is a gross violation of individual rights.
Drug Safety vs. the FDA:
March 8, 2005:
The assessment of a drug's risks requires individual judgment, which the FDA prohibits, writes Alex Epstein. He contends that drugs would be far safer, and consumer choices far greater, had the FDA not existed.
Facts versus Fears on Biotechnology:
March 8, 2005:
Paul Driessen and Cyril Boynes, Jr., offer evidence for the absolute harmlessness of and immense beneficent prospects for biotechnology, especially when it comes to curing the problem of hunger in the Third World. Nevertheless, fanatical environmental activists continue to oppose these remarkable innovations due to a malicious unwillingness on the environmentalists' part to neither see biotechnology's benefits nor to leave people to choose to use it as they see fit.
Sweeping Aside the Heteronormative-- And Marriage?:
March 10, 2005:
W. James Antle III argues that the recent attacks against actress Jada Pinkett Smith for allegedly "heteronormative" remarks (i.e. those not explicitly mentioning homosexuals) is another absurd development in the area of political correctness, which threatens to destroy the very institution of marriage itself.
The Social Security Scam:
March 16, 2005:
Some justify the existence of the Social Security program on the grounds that it helps people save for their own retirement, but Professor Scott Kauzlarich sees through this deception and reveals Social Security for what it truly is: a massive redistribution scheme from those who earn to those who waste.