A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXXIII
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Letters to the Editor on Issue XXXIII Contents:
Thoughtful comments from our valued readers. To write a letter to the editor, send an e-mail to gennadystolyarovii@yahoo.com.
The Perigo/Firehammer Philosophical Smackdown:
March 22, 2005:
The dishonesty and evasion exhibited by the pseudo-Objectivist Lindsay Perigo and his nihilistic organization, SoloHQ, has reached such extremes that Jim Faber has been able to pinpoint in Ayn Rand's texts a scathing critique of SoloHQ's very tendencies and mentalities. Mr. Faber also comes to the defense of Reginald Firehammer, an innovative and insightful thinker currently persecuted by Perigo and his clique.
A Principled and Fundamental Opposition to the Savage Murder of Terri Schiavo:
March 26, 2005:
Terri Schiavo's gruesome and intolerable death by starvation has been accepted by default in American society and government, as scant resistance has been offered to the slippery slope of individual expendability that the courts' decision on the matter has plunged the country into. G. Stolyarov II, however, has dared to call barbarism by its proper name and present a consistent case from rational principles as to the immorality of Ms. Schiavo's termination.
Literary Analysis
Thirty-Three Challenges to Robert Murphy's Theory of Market Anarchy in Law and Defense:
April 1, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II provides in-depth, targeted commentary on Dr. Robert Murphy's recent book, Chaos Theory: Two Essays on Market Anarchy, and poses questions, concerns, and responses to Dr. Murphy's ideas on the lack of the need for government to provide the essential services of law and defense. Mr. Stolyarov advocates a minarchist position and thus perceives both advantages and loopholes in Dr. Murphy's theory.
It's Decision Time for J.P. Morgan Chase's CEO:
March 22, 2005:
Steven Milloy describes the harassment that William Harrison, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, has been experiencing at the hands of the Rainforest Action Network, a group of environmentalist terrorists practicing sadistic intimidation of those who disagree with them. Mr. Milloy suggests that Mr. Harrison ought to take a resolute stance in opposition to the enviro-hooligans.
Sustainable Development = Sustained Poverty:
March 22, 2005:
Paul Driessen refutes the standard environmentalist dogma of "sustainable development" by showing that its implications for the poorest people in the poorest countries are chronic disease, starvation, malnutrition, stagnation, and suffering.
Support ANWR Drilling-- Save Wildlife Habitats:
March 29, 2005:
Paul Driessen argues that the threats of oil drilling to wildlife in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are negligible, while the benefts to human beings are immense. Moreover, the alternative to cheaper oil, wind power, is a great detriment to wildlife and an immensely inefficient use of resources.
Feature Topic: The Culture of Death: Assisted Suicide and "Futile Care"
Can Hospitals Have the Right to Pull Your Plug?:
April 1, 2005:
Wesley J. Smith reveals the alarming tendency for hospitals across the country to institute "futile care" protocols denying patients and families who desire medical care access to said care under the argument that some people's lives are worth less than others'. Mr. Smith addresses the alarming threat of "futile care" to the right to life and to human dignity.
The Culture of Death Angels:
April 1, 2005:
Jack Kevorkian was not the only "mercy killer" in the United States. As a matter of fact, Wesley J. Smith cites the rapid emergence throughout the country of doctors who deliberately kill their patients through active intervention, often against those patients' wishes. Most of these doctors are scarcely prosecuted in the United States, and, in the Netherlands, they are actively praised. This is another egregious affront to the dignity of human life by the culture of death.
Assisted Suicide: A Medical Oxymoron:
April 1, 2005:
Suzanne Fields argues that assisted suicide is incompatible with the basic premise behind medical care: a doctor pledging to "do no harm" and preserve the sanctity of human life.
Assisted Suicide: License to Kill:
April 1, 2005:
Nat Henthoff draws alarming parallels between today's "death with dignity" (culture of death) movement and the trends observed in the first stages of the Nazi Holocaust with regard to the widespread medical perception of the most weak and vulnerable individuals.
I'm Your Doctor and I'm Here to Kill You:
April 2, 2005:
The potential for American doctors to legally kill patients against their consent is not a mere hypothetical. It has already harmed Barbara Simpson, who writes about a doctor's callous and ruthless decision to "legally" murder her father.
Can a "Right to Die" Be Turned into a Forced Fate?:
April 2, 2005:
Doctors and "bioethicists" in the United States have already recommended the active, non-consensual extermination of disabled but conscious and responsive patients. Wesley J. Smith tells the story of one such patient, Robert Wendland, whose life was threatened by "experts'" arbitrary decisions that he was not worthy of remaining in existence.
Involuntary Euthanasia in the Netherlands:
April 2, 2005:
This report by Terence Monmaney discusses the alarming rise in involuntary euthanasia, doctors' termination of patients against their consent, in the Netherlands following the legalization of "voluntary" euthanasia. The Rational Argumentator believes that voluntary and involuntary euthanasia are inseparable components of the same package, and one will inevitably accompany the other. It is thus necessary to actively prevent and rigorously punish both.
When Death is Our Physician: The Truth about the Assisted Suicide Movement:
April 2, 2005:
The assisted suicide movement seeks not only the termination of those suffering incurable pain, but also the chronically ill, elderly, disabled, and infants whose parents wish their deaths, writes Wesley J. Smith. Moreover, its tactics are based on dishonest advertising techniques and collectivist-utilitarian ideologies that deny the unconditional value of human life.