A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXXI
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Historical Analysis
Message to India and the Third World: Westernise or Risk Your National Identity:
February 7, 2005:
History has afforded Third World cultures such as that of India plentiful opportunities to benefit from the intellectual and technological advances the West had to offer, but these cultures have disdainfully rejected such prospects. Now, writes D. Sasy Kumar, it is urgent that these countries accept Western principles of liberty, individual rights, reason, progress, and free enterprise.
Why the Housing Scandals?:
February 11, 2005:
Using the insights of Herbert Spencer, a great 19th century advocate of capitalism, Dr. Gary M. Galles shows how government creates multiple problems through its interference in the realm of real estate, problems that statists then use to excuse further deleterious government intervention.
Literary Analysis
The Robert Stadler Story: The Moral Fall of a Man Who Knew Better:
February 11, 2005:
In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, one of the villains is a scientist who betrays truth and reason in his service to the State. Dr. Edward W. Younkins analyzes this character and the implications of his story for all those who try to betray reality to cater to the whims of those in power.
Professor Hoppe against Political Correctness:
February 8, 2005:
The free speech of one of the most brilliant advocates of liberty in the world, Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe, is currently being threatened by the politically correct leftist paradigm. G. Stolyarov II writes this defense of Professor Hoppe's right to speak his mind, even if doing so violates the taboos of political correctness.
February 15, 2005:
Reginald Firehammer explains his understanding of the nature of desires and passion, and how a rational individual may prosper by choosing to comprehend, control, and direct his desires in accordance with his reason and objective self-interest. This essay underscores the virtue of emotional repression and self-discipline as the sole means to true freedom.
Love and Selfishness:
February 16, 2005:
Dr. Gary Hull seeks to refute the common error that unconditional love is best, claiming rather that genuine and valuable love is always selfish in its essence, and that this selfishness should be embraced and celebrated, rather than scorned.
Goddess of the Mind: A Tribute to Ayn Rand:
February 2, 2005:
On this 100th anniversary of the great thinker's birth, G. Stolyarov II offers this reverent praise of Ayn Rand's wisdom and her example.
Stop Nazi Numbers:
February 7, 2005:
While debates are occurring about "reforming" Social Security, attorney Rex Curry questions the very system itself, which includes, among its purposes, the forced numbering of individuals for lifetime surveillance, a purpose also pursued during the time of Nazi Germany.
Biotechnology: Out of Africa:
February 14, 2005:
Paul Driessen and Cyril Boynes, Jr., explain the immense potential for genetically modified foods to improve the health, economic prosperity, and quality of life among African peoples. However, thoughtless well-to-do activists from First World countries, backed by myriad special interest organic lobbies and regulatory agencies, seek to bar African and American producers alike from taking advantage of these wonderful technologies.
EU Position on DDT Violates Human Rights:
February 15, 2005:
Cyril Boynes, Jr., and the Congress of Racial Equality are appalled at a European Union representative's threat to impose restrictions on Uganda if it does not cease its use of the pesticide DDT. DDT remains the most viable way to combat malaria, and indeed poses no threats to human life and negligible threats to the environment, yet the sheer malice of EU officials allows them to ignore these facts.
Free Speech on Campus:
February 16, 2005:
After examining the Ward Churchill case, Dr. Onkar Ghate has decided that no solution that would avoid violating anybody's rights could exist to it within the framework of a public university. He argues, as a matter of fact, that only fully privatizing all universities would allow for true freedom of speech.
Seeing Red: Intrinsic Redshifts, Stable Universe:
February 11, 2005:
Michael Miller describes the remarkable observations of the astronomer Halton Arp, who, due to the challenges his ideas have posed to the pet notions of academia, has been heavily ostracized by the modern "scientific" orthodoxy. Arp's astronomical data strongly suggest a stable universe and further verify the impossibility of "curved space" and bizarre Big Bang and Big Crunch models.