Issue CCCX

January 5-8, 2012

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A sample image

Abstract Orderism Fractal XXXVII
G. Stolyarov II

January 8, 2012

This fractal by Mr. Stolyarov is based on a thinly lined geometric floral pattern that occurs in the center as well as within the ornamentation on the “petals”.

Abstract Orderism Fractal XXXVIII
G. Stolyarov II

January 8, 2012

This fractal by Mr. Stolyarov consists of variations on a central ornament – a cross between a gear and a floral design.

Abstract Orderism Fractal XXXIX
G. Stolyarov II

January 8, 2012

This fractal by Mr. Stolyarov incorporates a webbed or cell-like structure.


Tough on Immigration Is Tough on Economic Growth
Scott Beaulier

January 8, 2012

Not to be outdone by Arizona’s tough immigration law of 2010, Alabama and Georgia legislators passed their own immigration bills in 2011. The bills received a great deal of media attention because they were widely touted as good for growth and job creation, and were harsher on illegal immigrants than Arizona’s law. But Scott Beaulier writes that these laws are in fact quite detrimental to economic growth.

Don't Just Try
Christopher Westley

January 8, 2012

As a teacher in a college of business, Christopher Westley knows that business isn't about trying. It's about achieving results. Colleges of business should not be in the business of graduating a bunch of triers. Successful entrepreneurs do not simply try, nor do they waste their money hiring employees simply to try. Those who actually accomplish their assigned tasks — ethically, consistently, and with purpose — are those who both reap the greatest benefit from their business degree and will be the most likely to live out successful vocations in business.

Rick Santorum: The Most Anti-Reagan Republican
Edward Hudgins

January 8, 2012

Dr. Edward Hudgins writes that while it might be tough for voters to decide which Republican candidate best represents the principles of Ronald Reagan, it is easy to determine who is antithetical to the Gipper’s values: that opponent of liberty is Rick Santorum.

The Tyranny of the Articulate
Steven Horwitz

January 8, 2012

Dr. Steven Horwitz writes that understanding the importance of verbal persuasion is key to seeing the real flaw in deliberative democracy: The system pretty much has to assume that all knowledge relevant to social decision-making can be articulated. But can consumers and producers always articulate what they want and how best to make it? How exactly can the potential producers of health care articulate what sorts of inputs would be best to use, or what sorts of health care to produce and how to produce it, apart from the market and its prices?

What Is a Scientific Theory?
Mark R. Crovelli

January 8, 2012

The concept of "science" in the Western world has been to connect a community of individuals who are committed to study the world in a specialized, systematic, and intersubjectively verifiable way. Ideally, this scientific community accumulates knowledge about how the world works as individuals learn from the specialized investigations of their colleagues and build on them, and as the scientific community critiques and refines their theories through time.
The process by which the scientific community investigates the world is not a magic or automatic path to enlightenment or omniscience, however. Mark Crovelli discusses what an empirical scientific theory entails, as well as its inherent limitations.

Iowa Caucus Shows Ron Paul Is a Viable Candidate - Video
G. Stolyarov II
January 5, 2012

The Iowa caucuses were in fact a great success for Ron Paul. While he placed 3rd in the overall vote, he has the exact same number of delegates as Romney and Santorum. The media are unjustified in de-emphasizing his campaign when he remains in at least the same position as the other front-runners in terms of what matters: math and organization.

* "Ron Paul May Have Secretly Won The Iowa Caucuses" by Grace Wyler - Business Insider
* 2012 Republican Delegate Count 
* "Uncut Ron Paul Interview - CNN Gloria Borger" - YouTube Video

Indefinite Detention and the NDAA's Other Dangers - Video
G. Stolyarov II
January 7, 2012

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 is worrisome for many reasons. It authorizes the detention of US citizens and others for the mere suspicion of "terrorist affiliations" - however defined - anywhere in the world. Mr. Stolyarov does not have much confidence that Barack Obama will fulfill his promise not to use his authority against US citizens. Furthermore, the NDAA is packed with numerous other undesirable elements, including sanctions against Iran that could only escalate tensions and increase the likelihood of war.

* "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
* "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 "I'm convinced that you never have to give up liberties to be safe. I think you're less safe when you give up your liberties." 
~ Ron Paul