A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXIX
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Letters to the Editor on Issue XXIX Contents:
TRA now publishes thoughtful comments made by interested readers on the contents of its articles and features, or on the magazine in general. If you would like to write a Letter to the Editor, please e-mail Mr. Stolyarov at gennadystolyarovii@yahoo.com.
Repress, Repress, Repress:
December 25, 2004:
Though many modern psychologists, even pseudo-Objectivist ones, cite "repression" as a major problem in the attitudes of individuals, Reginald Firehammer demonstrates why this repression is in fact, immensely desirable and rational.
December 25, 2004:
Michael Miller eloquently dispels the leftist Establishment's claim the "all cultures are created equal."
An Ex-SOLOist Speaks Out or What Went Wrong?:
December 30, 2004:
Henry Emrich describes the irrational and spiteful attitudes present on the SoloHQ forum and in the mindset of its founder, Lindsay Perigo. Mr. Emrich, like many other rational thinkers, has been banned by the SOLO administration for ideological differences, and now reveals his story.
The Province of the Liberal Arts:
January 3, 2005:
A brief essay by G. Stolyarov II on the true purpose of the humanitarian disciplines, much overlooked by modern practitioners thereof.
Existence Exists:
January 4, 2005:
Reginald Firehammer conducts a filosofical anatomy of Ayn Rand's famous dictum that "existence exists." The intellectual composition and meaning of that statement indeed extend far beyond what one would typically expect.
To Torture or Not to Torture?:
December 24, 2004:
Jonathan Rick challenges the argument that the torture of suspects may be necessary in cases of national emergency.
The Immorality of Government Tsunami Relief:
January 3, 2005:
While the world is concerned about addressing the recent calamity in Southeast Asia, it is overlooking a "solution" which may, indeed, aggravate the problem further by damaging giver and receiver alike. G. Stolyarov II argues in a multifaceted manner as to the absolute travesty that President Bush seeks to perpetrate by allocating $350 million of U.S. government funds to tsunami relief.
The Human Personality, Just Laws, and Laissez-Faire:
January 3, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II argues why absolute government non-intervention in economic matters is the only manner in which its laws can avoid degrading the human personality.
Why the Bill of Rights?:
January 9, 2005:
With the current bloated state of our government, it is important to recall the prudence of the Founding Fathers in crafting a document that safeguarded at least some of our liberties from state intervention. Dr. Gary Galles explains how, despite the objections of statists like Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Fathers managed to convince the American People of the necessity of the Bill of Rights.
Committing Malpractice on the World's Poor:
January 10, 2005:
The recent tsunami was an immense detriment to the standard of living of people in Southeast Asia, but, argues Paul Driessen, there is a far worse peril posed to the denizens of the Third World by eco-activists, politicians, and regulators who deny the free market the ability to bring essential technologies, substances, and methods to the world's poor.
Medicine Could Reach for the Stars, FDA Willing:
January 10, 2005:
Sam Kazman and Dr. Edward Hudgins explain the connection between deregulation of the space industry and the ability of the entrepreneurial spirit to prevail through the launch of SpaceShipOne. They contend that, were the FDA to at least step back from its interventions in the health care market, medicinal sciences would experience a similar unprecedented progress.
Skewed Ethics on Biotechnology:
January 14, 2005:
Paul Driessen presents a commentary on the tremendous promise of agricultural biotechnology – for people in healthy, well-fed Western nations, and especially for poor, hungry people in developing countries. He also offers a revealing look at the ways rabidly anti-biotech activists are delaying the introduction of these safe, delicious foods – and thereby perpetuating the poverty malnutrition, disease and premature death that continues to plague the Third World.
Fountain of Youth Discovered? Ask the Mouse!:
January 5, 2005:
This Methuselah Foundation press release describes the heroic research efforts of a scientist who was able to artificially prolong the lifespan of mice by 15%. Dr. Stephen Spindler has recently received the Foundation's Methuselah Mouse Prize, of which The Rational Argumentator is a proud sponsor.