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Renaissance Now!:
November 4, 2004:
Michael Miller claims that the technology of our age and the gradual advent of political and cultural understanding place us at the gateway to a second Renaissance, which shall only flourish as time passes.
SOLO's Perversion of Objectivism: Part 1: The SOLO Style:
November 12, 2004:
Beginning a multi-part expose on this matter, Reginald Firehammer discusses and explains the unfortunate and horrifying vulgarity, perversity, and utter lack of tact which has pervaded the organization, Sense of Life Objectivists, and its founder, Lindsay Perigo. TRA agrees with Mr. Firehammer that the behaviors, ad hominem condemnation, and vicious and obscene language witnessed on SOLO are antithetical to everything Objectivism stands for.
SOLO's Perversion of Objectivist: Part 2: Why Lindsay Perigo Hates Me:
November 15, 2004:
Continuing his SOLO series, Reginald Firehammer explains the reasons for Lindsay Perigo's vehement hatred directed at other Objectivists and rational thinkers who do not share his thought paradigms.
Wrong Premises, Errors, and Corruptions: Part 3: The Wrong Sense of Life:
November 27, 2004:
In his final article in the series exposing the moral corrpution of SoloHQ, Reginald Firehammer comments on said organizaton's misuse of Ayn Rand's term, "sense of life," its lack of explicit filosofical foundations, and the tragic consequences of such flaws. 
Review of Eden against the Colossus by G. Stolyarov II:
November 18, 2004:

Christopher Schegel speaks ample words of perceptive praise with regard to Mr. Stolyarov's newest science fiction novel.
A Review of John Enright's Unholy Quest:
November 27, 2004:
G. Stolyarov II comments on a work of literature in the action/adventure genre, written by an Objectivist author and skilled in its analysis of the implications of certain fundamental value-premises.
Paternalism: A Faulty Analogy:
November 12, 2004:
Supporters of the expansion of government have often compared state intervention to the actions of parents for the good of their children. Dr. Gary M. Galles shows why these two scenarios cannot be compared, and the danger inherent in likening one to the other.
Is There No Shame?:
November 12, 2004:
Jonathan Rick wonders why the Palestinian Authority's continued promotion of horrid suicide bombings has not sparked a widespread condemnation in many of the world's mainstream intellectual circles.
Anthropogenic Global Warming: The Fabricated Predator:
December 8, 2004:
Will Hubbard analyzes the conventional case made for the existence of human-induced global warming and argues that the political and scientific arguments regarding the cause of global warming, as well as its undesirability, are severely flawed.
Rideau v. Stolyarov: A Debate of Anarchy versus Limited Government:
December 9, 2004:
In a response to G. Stolyarov II's review of Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Democracy: The God that Failed, Francois-Rene Rideau challenged Mr. Stolyarov's critique of Hoppe's anarcho-capitalism. What followed was a debate of whether or not a monopoly law enforcer (i.e. the government) was desirable, and, if so, what sort would be the optimal one. Here, Mr. Rideau presents the case of anarchy, with law enforcement by competing insurance companies, and Mr. Stolyarov argues for his theory of government based on a laissez-faire meritocracy.
Southerners Should Stop the Pledge of Allegiance:
December 14, 2004:
Attorney Rex Curry presents the real history of the Pledge of Allegiance, and its originators, the national socialists Edward and Francis Bellamy, and demonstrates how the Pledge of Allegiance has been a symbol of racism, the government Leviathan, and the failed socialized education system.
Patents Are an Economic Absurdity:
December 14, 2004:
Using rational economic analysis, Francois-Rene Rideau shows why patents, legal monopolies on the manufacture and development of certain products, achieve the opposite of their alleged effects of protecting property and furthering progress.
An Interview with Jaroslav Romanchuk:
December 15, 2004:
Objectivist and free market economist Jaroslav Romanchuk is hard at work promoting the principles of liberty and reason in the country of Belarus, presently ruled by the authoritarian dictator Lukashenko. Karen Minto interviews Romanchuk, and he speaks of his intellectual motivations and struggle against tyranny.
Shushkevich on Neocommunism in Belarus:
December 15, 2004:
Former Belarusian Premier Stanislav Shushkevich has written a book describing a frightening trend toward a return to Communism under the ten-year reign of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. Vera Rich reviews this book and summarizes Shushkevich's key ideas.
Returning to Good Old Ideology:
December 15, 2004:
Jan Maksymiuk describes the frightening trend in Belarus, as the authoritarian government of President Lukashenko has reinstated an official government ideology and has explicitly manifested its disapproval of ideological dissent. The Rational Argumentator is outraged at this appalling infringement of the liberties of conscience.
Axis of Evil: Belarus- The Missing Link:
December 15, 2004:
The government of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus is not only an authoritarian dictatorship, but a regime which endorses terrorist activities and supported rogue states like Iraq under Saddam Hussein. This summary of a conference held by the American Enterprise Institute, documented by the Belarusian Review, explains the link between Lukashenko and the threat to international security.
Lukashenko Introduces Ideology Officers in All Companies:
December 15, 2004:
In Belarus, the government is seeking to monopolize the very minds of the people, and re-impose socialist and communist doctrines on them. This article by The Belarusian Review documents such a trend.
Another Belarusian NGO Threatened with Liquidation:
December 15, 2004:
The tyrannical government of Lukashenko has infringed upon the liberties of yet another peaceful dissident group, the Belarusian Review reports.
Belarusian Authorities Suspend Major Independent Newspaper:
December 15, 2004:
No freedom of the press exists under the dictatorial Lukashenko regime, as it has used its powers to crush yet another dissenting voice, as this article by the Belarusian Review reveals.
Belarusian Government Signs Accord with Orthodox Church:
December 15, 2004:
In another demonstration of its authoritarian nature, the Lukashenko regime has shown to renounce the principle of religious toleration and enshrine a church within the state, as the Belarusian Review explains.
Belarusian President's Rating Hits Record Low:
December 15, 2004:
Despite alleged massive wins in presidential elections, the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is in fact severely disliked by the majority of the population. This report by the Belarusian Review further demonstrates that Lukashenko's administration is illegitimate and has seized power through mass deception and electoral fraud.