A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXIX
Letters to the Editor on Issue XXIX Contents
January 3, 2005:

Mr. Stolyarov,

I read your recent offering to "
Enter Stage Right's" site on "The Immorality of Government Tsunami Relief" with great interest. As distasteful as it seems to consider who ought to be proprieting the safety and security of another countrys citizenry, (particularly in view of the chorus of Socialists, anti-war-bean-counters and U.N.-appointed- Jimminy-Crickets-to-the-treasuries-of-sovereign-nations... but I repeat myself), when disaster strikes, yet at some point the way to one's own bootstraps must be mapped out.

"Teach a man to fish, and you've established an afternoons work; Give a man a fish, and you have a new lifelong career. " While this transparently self-enlightened truism amuses, it speaks to a part of this situation which was rubbed raw in the intial reaction by our intrepid U.N. friends in their swoon about our desire to let charity be charity and not the function of Government. This morning I caught a small portion of the somewhat dazed Disaster-Relief representative agog at the response of, (gasp!), faith-based organizations, NGO's and Evil Corporations. He'd "..never seen anything like it.."  "Nor will you sir, "I thought, "as long as you consort exclusively with other 'leaders' and 'representatives' of countries who feel that only their governments are worthy of access to the fruits of their citizens' labor. Would that our own president had a firmer grip on this concept, rather than just talking it up and hoping, while profligate spending continues. It would be a real act of faith in our national generosity to decline such patronage in the future.

Thank-You for your more lucid and orderly treatment of the subject and its true philosophical roots as opposed to my cranky objections.

Happy Holidays and a Brave New Year.
Bob McGovern
Atlanta, GA

January 7, 2005:

"The only manner in which rights can be violated is when a man is forced by another to perform a course of action he would not have himself chosen."

Dear Sir:

I would add that rights are violated even if the man would have taken the exact same action independent of being forced by the government to do the same thing.

Excellent article. How wonderful if only the political classes had the wisdom and courage of Cleveland.

Randy Weir
Kapaa, Hawaii

January 8, 2005:

Read your article.  Isn't it amazing that no one has suggested that if individuals want to make a donation to Asian relief that a 100% tax credit be given?  That way, people get relief and the government shrinks.  People would have the opportunity to either support their government or the people who are suffering.  My bet is most would abandon their government. I don't think there is a chance of us being given this choice, though.

David Ware

January 13, 2005:

Fire Dennis wrote:

Mr. Stolyarov,

I read your article on a
"rational" defense of marriage, and I have to say, that I found it very informative. I would fall under your religious defender of marriage category, however, I see the logic behind your criticism of such defense. I tend to provide the assertion that despite official state sanctioning and tax involvement, marriage is still a religious institution. A solution that I have presented is absolvement of all state sanctioned marriage, both homosexual and heterosexual, and civil unions for all. That way, all citizens could enjoy equal rights, while marriage itself could once again be considered strictly religious and forever removed from secular endangerment.

After reading your article, I thought I should comment. Thanks

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