April 17, 2011

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Is Inflation Harmless or Even Good?
Robert P. Murphy

April 17, 2011
As Ron Paul's "End the Fed" movement grows, more and more Fed economists are speaking up on behalf of the central bank. In a recent post, David Andolfatto of the St. Louis Fed argues that the systematic debasement of the currency has had a negligible effect on the average American. As Dr. Robert Murphy shows, Andolfatto's evidence is completely irrelevant to the question. The Fed and commercial banks have been ripping off everyone who uses dollars.

Why Religious People Struggle With Economics
Jeffrey A. Tucker

April 17, 2011
For years Jeffrey Tucker, himself a Christian, puzzled over the question of why religious people have such trouble coming to terms with economics. This problem applies only to modern religious people, for it was Catholics in 15th- and 16th-century Spain who systematized the discipline of economics to begin with. That was long ago. Today, most of what is written about economics in Catholic circles is painful to read. The failing extends left and right, as likely to appear in "progressive" or "traditionalist" publications. In book publishing, the problem is so pervasive that it is difficult to review the newest batch. It's not just that the writers, as thoughtful as they might otherwise be on all matters of faith and morals, do not know anything about economic theory. The problem is even more foundational: the widespread tendency is to deny the validity of the science itself.  Mr. Tucker writes that the failure to distinguish between scarce and nonscarce goods lies at the root of the problem.

Dog-Lovers and Baby-Killers
Cyril Boynes, Jr.

April 17, 2011
A couple months ago, when its dog-sledding business lost customers, a Canadian company had a hundred of its dogs killed. The incident “shocked” and “angered” people. The employee who shot the dogs said he suffered “post-traumatic stress” from killing them and wants compensation. Huskies are beautiful, gentle animals, and Cyril Boynes, Jr., is really sad that this happened. But the world needs to put this in perspective. He cannot help thinking it would really be nice if, just once in awhile, animal-lovers, environmentalists, journalists, and other people would care half as much about African babies, children and families, as about dogs.

Constitutional Problems With the Libyan War
Ron Paul

April 17, 2011

In March 2011, the Obama Administration took the United States to war against Libya without bothering to notify Congress, much less obtain a Constitutionally mandated declaration of war. In the midst of our severe economic downturn, this misadventure has already cost us hundreds of millions of dollars, and Rep. Ron Paul writes that we can be sure the final price tag will be several times higher.

The Climate War Should Be Declared Over
Art Horn

April 17, 2011

Meteorologist Art Horn discusses this incredible bombshell from Australia’s top climate-change commissioner: Even if Australia cuts emissions a full 5% in just nine years, by 2020, the change in global average temperature “will be a very, very small increment …. If we cut emissions today, global temperatures are not likely to drop for about a thousand years.”

What Really Threatens Our Future?
Willie Soon and Barun Mitra

April 17, 2011

Malaysia native Dr. Willie Soon is an astrophysicist and climate expert. He and Indian public-policy expert Barun Mitra have been tireless critics of IPCC climate change claims – and strong advocates for improved living standards in poor countries all over the world, emphasizing the essential role of reliable, affordable energy in every aspect of health, opportunity, jobs, and prosperity. This article is a direct appeal to poor people all over the world. As Messrs. Soon and Mitra emphasize, people need to take charge of their futures – by recognizing that the greatest threat they face is not manmade climate change, but anti-energy policies imposed in the name of preventing climate change. The article presents the fundamental issues extremely well and should be required reading for policy makers in Third World countries, and in developed nations (especially the United States and Europe) that far too often stand in the way of better futures for less fortunate citizens of the “international community.”

Routed Greens Retreat
Marita Noon

April 17, 2011

To Marita Noon, the biggest climate-change story of the last two years is that "we the people" have truly changed the political climate regarding this issue, effectively killing "cap-and-trade" initiatives. This commentary is meant to be an encouragement to newly politically aware participants in the process.

Spendy Energy Future is No Joke
Marita Noon

April 17, 2011
President Obama’s March 30 speech on energy security offered nothing new—no new solutions, no big changes in policy. In case you missed it, part of the same old, same old included some of his favorite lies. Marita Noon explains.

The Big BPA Lie - The BPA File, Part Three
Alan Caruba

April 17, 2011
When Alan Caruba began this series about bisphenol-A (BPA), he instituted a Google Alert for Internet posts that mentioned it. From January through March it generated a report each day filled with notifications of newspaper, magazine, and Internet posts all denouncing BPA has a hazardous chemical that threatened the health of everyone from infants to adults. More than one thousand posts were reported. Virtually all spread false information. How did this campaign of misinformation originate?  Editor’s note: You can read The BPA File – Part One here and The BPA File – Part Two here.

Glaicers Growing on Mt. Shasta - Record Snowfall to Spur Even More Growth
Robert W. Felix

April 17, 2011
Although the media have done a great job of covering this up, the inconvenient fact is that all seven glaciers on California’s Mount Shasta are growing. This includes Whitney Glacier, the state's largest. Other glaciers in Washington State and Alaska are growing as well. Robert Felix presents these inconvenient (to some) facts.

 "The more man ascends through the past, and the more he launches into the future, the greater he will be, and all these philosophers and ministers and truth-telling men who have fallen victims to the stupidity of nations, the atrocities of priests, the fury of tyrants, what consolation was left for them in death? This: That prejudice would pass, and that posterity would pour out the vial of ignominy upon their enemies. O Posterity! Holy and sacred stay of the unhappy and the oppressed; thou who art just, thou who art incorruptible, thou who findest the good man, who unmaskest the hypocrite, who breakest down the tyrant, may thy sure faith, thy consoling faith never, never abandon me!" 
~ Denis Diderot