Monologue of Immortal Man

G. Stolyarov II
Issue XXIV - July 30, 2004
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They told me I was an abomination.
They say no more, death having chosen.
But I've prevailed in my determination.
My corpse shan't languish, ever frozen.
"My corpse shan't be!" thus I've decreed,
And thus become, by Reason's deed,
Immortal man.

They told me I would soon be bored,
And thus, in boredom, shriveled they to dust.
Had ever they the galaxy explored,
Or statues built upon the Martian crust,
Or ever learned their fifteenth trade,
Or ever anything eternal made?
I did, and ever can.

They told me that "enjoying life" is key.
I now enjoy it; they but rot.
What true enjoyment counteracts longevity,
That freedom ever from becoming naught?
What pleasure had derived these sages,
From being eaten by the ages?
A writhing scream.

They labeled my endeavors vain.
And, not in vain, for death they waited.
But my work triumfed over their disdain.
My hunger for this life was never sated,
And, from the cravings that ensued,
I ever ardently pursued
My timeless dream.

They told me I was playing God.
My God, they thought I was but playing!
Man's lack of worth is but the grandest fraud,
To justify a devilish decaying.
And so the meek became by cancer torn,
And by senescence left forlorn,
Their God not to defy.

But I upon Olympus stand,
My castle raising in this godly space,
And wield the elements with dexterous hand,
While laughs my ever-youthful face,
My every "later" will surpass each "now,"
And with supreme prosperity endow
The everlasting I.

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