The Lemmings

G. Stolyarov II
Issue XXI - April 26, 2004
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Upon the Northern coast of Norway,
Where grassland meets the polar ice,
Live chubby, furry creatures,
Two times the size of common mice.

In equally sized little burrows,
The lemmings ever play and mate.
They love all lemmings just the same
And wish to share each other's fate.

All selfishness each lemming shuns,
And, when his brothers pour onto the grass,
For sake of lemmingkind he runs
To blend into the formless mass.

Where lemmings go, he gives no care.
His tribe's "collective mind" decides.
"The shore! The cliff!" shouts the stampede
And plummets off its jagged sides.

Within the icy seas off Norway,
Through which but seals and fish can tread,
Lie thousands of furry lemmings,
In unity, in brotherhood, and dead.

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