President Obama Continues to Spread Untruths: Energy Advocate Responds to UN Speech

Marita Noon
Issue CCVIII - September 24, 2009
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On September 22, 2009, in his speech before the UN, President Obama based all his comments on the belief that the science on Climate Change is settled. Nothing could be further than the truth—though policy in Washington, D.C., is continuing as if it is settled.

Like Joe Wilson responded with “You lie!” during Obama’s health care speech before the joint congress, Albuquerque-based Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) is making the same assertion.  Like the health care proposal, the climate change lie has major ramifications to America ’s precarious economy, as it is the foundation for the controversial cap-and-trade legislation that will send jobs overseas and place national security in jeopardy.

While listening to Obama’s televised speech, Marita Noon, CARE’s Executive Director, responded the same way Joe Wilson did.

She says, “Cap-and-trade reminds me of the old song from children’s church, '…The wise man built his house upon the rock…The foolish man built his house upon the sand…the rains came down…the house on the rock stood firm but the house on the sand fell flat.' Cap-and-trade is like the house built on the sand. It does not have a firm foundation. It may look good now, but under pressure, it will fall flat.”

The cap-and-trade house is built upon a lie. The lie is that Climate Change is a crisis, that it is caused by man, that man can fix it, and that even if all other countries abandon it, America can still make a difference.

While the climate change comment made by Obama is disputed by many highly qualified scientists, his statement that the Waxman-Markey bill will “finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy for American businesses” is true. The truth is it does not make wind or solar power less expensive; it makes the current affordable energy sources more expensive. By making consumers, including America’s poor, pay more for energy, these supplemental energies will become profitable. A profit will be made at the expense of the poor and on the backs of the taxpayers. This government-subsidized profit will sink America’s economy.

Plans that impact America ’s economic future need to be based on truth—the whole truth.


CARE has many climate change experts available for comment, please contact Marita Noon at or (505) 239-8998. CARE is a non-profit organization devoted to educating the public about the need to guarantee our access to the affordable energy that drives America ’s growth. For more information on CARE, visit

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