October 21 - December 21, 2003

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Historical Analysis
Cato's Letters on Liberty and Property:
Gary M. Galles
November 27, 2003
Dr. Gary M. Galles analyzes a brilliant set of works from 1720 defending the free market, a government of individual rights and negative obligations, and the immutable nature of property rights.

An Exposition of Stolyarovian Functions:
G. Stolyarov II
November 17, 2003
The confounding state of affairs in modern mathematical notation, where there is no shorthand for functions such as ln(ln(x))) or arcsec(arcsec(arcsec(x))), nor any systematic study of such functions. G. Stolyarov II alters both situations by proposing a new notation form and initiating such a thorough exploration.

Waltz #3, Op. 25:
G. Stolyarov II
November 17, 2003
The newest composition by G. Stolyarov II emphasizing rationality, structure, and musical harmony.


Liberty in Exile:
G. Stolyarov II
November 27, 2003
G. Stolyarov II's allegorical poem depicts the sorry deterioration of freedom in what once had been the freest country on Earth.

Moral Currency:
Scott T. Schad
October 30, 2003
Scott T. Schad distinguishes between the petty investment in posthumous rewards that is altruistic sacrifice and the respect for the men of egoism and individual innovation that can bring about a paradise on Earth in this intensely insightful lyric work.

American Appeasement in Iraq:
Peter Schwartz
October 23, 2003
The multilateralists' much decried "quagmire" of the Iraq occupation is in fact the cause of America's pandering to anti-freedom interests across the world, explains Peter Schwartz.

Era of Big Government Has Just Begun:
Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
November 25, 2003
Today, the United States Senate has rendered permanent the now irreconcilable split between so-called "conservative Republicans" and individual liberty via its passage of a gargantuan Medicare Expansion package. Read this press release by Americans for Free Choice in Medicine to find out more.

Sick Chicken:
Michael Miller
November 27, 2003
As America embarks upon the folly of expanded Medicare, its politicians should consider the dire state of affairs of an even more socialized system in Canada. Medicare is a sick chicken, writes Michael Miller, and the proper remedy for such a creature is an ax.

The Evil of Forced Volunteerism:
G. Stolyarov II
November 27, 2003
G. Stolyarov II employs the histories of totalitarian regimes, both in actuality and in Orwell's 1984, to demonstrate the philosophical and material detriment of coerced servitude to the lives of youth.

The Rational Man's Dilemma:
G. Stolyarov II
December 21, 2003
G. Stolyarov II addresses the means by which an individualistic creator can effectively fend off violations of his liberties that seem to come from every direction and infest every sphere of his life.

The Trigger of Justice:
G. Stolyarov II
October 21, 2003
In a brief commentary, G. Stolyarov II explains why assassination of dictators worldwide must become an American option in its anti-terror arsenal.

The "Trigger of Justice" Debate:

Robert Olson and G. Stolyarov II
October 28 - November 10, 2003
Robert Olson has written a critique of Mr. Stolyarov's proposal to legalize assassination of foreign dictators. The result has been a thorough and thought-provoking intellectual exchange.

Where Have You Gone, Isaac Newton?:
David Harriman
October 22, 2003
David Harriman writes of the betrayal of classical ideas of logic, consistency, and comprehensibility in modern orthodox pseudo-science and "creative physics."

"Each piece of truth, however sour,
I shall with eagerness devour.
But on the sweetest of all lies
I shall not even feast my eyes.
~ G. Stolyarov II, "The Diet of Truth," December 21, 2003