A Journal for Western Man :  Issue IX

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Quackgrass Activism:
Michael Miller

November 28, 2002:
Read this brief, straightforward guide by Michael Miller to earning intellectual allies and spreading thoughts that will save Western civilization.


Thanksgiving: The Producer's Holiday:
Dr. Gary Hull

December 2, 2002:
Dr. Gary Hull reminds us of the virtues of intellectual activity and wealth creation that Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate, as well as the fact that wealth is an individual accomplishment, not a deterministic acquisition or a heavenly "bounty".


The Meaning of the Right to Vote:
Alex Epstein

December 2, 2002:
The right to vote does not give majorities the right to wantonly infringe upon the unalienable liberties of the only sovereign unit of a truly free society-- the individual-- writes Alex Epstein.


Biases of the Intellectual Classes:
Dr. Stephen Yates

December 4, 2002:
Dr. Stephen Yates discusses the faults of those intellectuals who criticize and seek to tear down the capitalist system without understanding its properties and benevolent effects.


A Christmas Card:
Michael Miller

December 24, 2002:
Michael Miller shares original, profound, and atheistic thoughts on the true meaning and origins of Christmas as a materialistic and humanistic holiday.

Historical Analysis

The Irrational Exuberance of American Dining Etiquette:
Harry Roolaart

December 2, 2002:
Tracing the origins of the fork and its historical utility in the United States, Harry Roolaart contests the traditional zig-zag method employed on American silverware and suggests that the European practice is a simpler and wiser alternative.


William Harvey: The Bridge to the Scientific Revolution:
G. Stolyarov II

December 21, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II examines the discoveries and methodology of a physician and anatomist whose works became a cornerstone in the development of modern medicine.


The Wisdom of Grover Cleveland:
Dr. Gary M. Galles

January 9, 2003:
An honest politician, a president opposing tariffs and protectionism, a public servant advocating individual responsibility; these, in the pressure-group world of today resemble oxymorons. But they are not. Dr. Gary M. Galles explores the ideology of a United States President whom today's politicians should strive to emulate.


Literary Analysis


Seeds of Rationality: A Review of Stolyarov's Struggle for the Future:
Edmund Daleford

December 9, 2002:
Edmund Daleford evaluates an early novel written by TRA's Editor-in-Chief prior to his introduction to Objectivist philosophy.




The Thinker's Triumph:
G. Stolyarov II

December 4, 2002:
A man is condemned to die for having discovered a scientific breakthrough... Read this tale by G. Stolyarov II of a hypothetical prodigy's conflict with a primeval collective.


Christmas Demystified:
G. Stolyarov II

January 19, 2003:
This poem, written by G. Stolyarov II on Christmas Eve of 2002, demonstrates, without the myths, the spirits, and the altruism, the genuine pride that should flow within the thoughts of a human being upon this occasion.




Political Issues in a Post-Leftist World:
Bruce Walker

December 15, 2002:
Bruce Walker addresses pivotal dilemmas that the liberals have ignored and that Reason shall have to resolve following the orthodoxy's decline.


The Grievous Error of the Draft:
G. Stolyarov II

January 16, 2003:
G. Stolyarov II provides moral ammunition to counter Democrat Charles Rangel's recent proposal to reinstitute conscription. Learn why a free country and the draft are never reconcilable.