A Journal for Western Man :  Issue VIII

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October 18, 2002:
Michael Miller demonstrates that the word "man" is gender-inclusive, and that any politically correct censorship of English terms, gender-based or generic, is a violation of man's right to free speech.

Wal-Mart, Immigrants, and Thomas Jefferson:
October 24, 2002:
Unfettered flow of immigration is key to both assuring economic prosperity and the universal human rights upon which this country is founded, states Eric Miller.

Some Fundamental Insights into the Benevolent Nature of Capitalism:
October 31, 2002:
Dr. George Reisman, in thirteen lucid arguments, states why a free market system is optimal for all and results in the most prominent gains for every party involved.

On Root Causes and Relativism:
17, 2002:
David Limbaugh explains that the relativists' vehement denial of morality neglects the fact that evil has no deterministic causes and that America must cling to objective standards of judgment if it is to overcome the terrorists and their ideological allies.

On Fundamentalism and the Need for Separation of Church and State:
November 27, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II condemns the Sharia-based repression of a Nigerian reporter's free speech and produces a scathing critique of all retrogrades seeking to combine religious dogma with the force of government.

Historical Analysis

Pledge to Do What?:
October 19, 2002:
Tracing the origins of the Pledge of Allegiance to both socialism and religious imposition, Harry Roolaart questions whether Californian students should be forced to recite it in public schools.

Men as Dhimmi:
October 25, 2002:
Bruce Walker describes the oppression and prejudice encountered by historical Jewish and Christian minorities at the hands of medieval orthodox Muslims and compares it with the degradation systematically inflicted by Womenism upon American males today.

Light Replacing Darkness: A Story of Spanish Colonization in the Americas:
October 27, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II applauds Spanish efforts in the New World for having brought technological progress, moral improvement, and liberty to Europeans and Native Americans alike.

An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Early Western Expansion:
November 6
, 2002:
This essay by G. Stolyarov II details the material and ideological stimuli to European colonization as a means of empirically justifying that monumental development.

Give Real Meaning to Veterans Day:
13, 2002:
On the occasion of Veterans Day, Dr. Edwin A. Locke urges Americans to applaud the noble and selfish efforts of U.S. troops in previous wars, while condemning self-sacrificial and needless entanglements in order to reform the military into a reinforcer of freedom and not its suppressor.


Upon an Ancient Mayan Ruin:
October 29, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II recollects an experience which sparked vivid memories of the oppression experienced in America under pre-Columbian cultures and regimes and the liberation which the West provided as a remedy.

11, 2002:
Describing a technological wonder, G. Stolyarov II envisions the amelioration and triumph it can bring to man himself and his pristinely wretched environment.

The Magnate and the Moon:
November 24
, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II tells the story of a man who aspired beyond the atmosphere... and the bureaucrats who resisted him.


The Nobel Prize Should Go to Those Who Really Support World Peace:
21, 2002:
Dr. Andrew Bernstein critiques Jimmy Carter's recent acquisition of the Nobel Peace Prize and argues that Carter and many previous recipients have actually aided statism, the main cause of war.

Thinking It Alone:
21, 2002:
American unilateralism is the only rational, non-sacrificial, ideologically sound, and successful policy to pursue in the War on Terror, contends Alex Epstein.