A Journal for Western Man :  Issue III

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An Essay on the Genuine Meaning of Beauty:
September 4, 2002:
At last, a definition of beauty that does not involve any "eye of the beholder" ideas of the relativist paradigm! This essay presents a comprehensive framework by G. Stolyarov II which promotes esthetic refinement and self-amelioration.

An Essay Questioning the Validity of Religions:
September 6, 2002:
We here at The Rational Argumentator are fervent supporters of religious freedom, but we, through this work by G. Stolyarov II, also seek to challenge and dissuade readers of certain irrational assertions expounded by religions.

Toy Soldiers:
September 6, 2002:
Read this narrative by G. Stolyarov II about the pastime which, despite its educational value and integrity, has been restricted and smeared by the current leftist orthodoxy.

Historical Analysis

Enlightened Monarch: The Story of Frederick the Great:
September 3, 2002:
Perhaps power does not corrupt certain prodigies... This biographical exploration by G. Stolyarov II examines the life of a man who had employed his authority to bring about ideological freedom and immense prosperity for his country.


The Rule of I:
September 4, 2002:
A simple but exhilarating framework by G. Stolyarov II for acting in accordance with one's selfish interests.

The Tale of the Cowardly Climber:
September 7, 2002:
In this allegorical poem by G. Stolyarov II, learn what occurs when man's sloth and indecisiveness overcome his desire to tame and champion over nature.

Auditory Enlightenment:
September 8, 2002:
In this poem by G. Stolyarov II, learn of the exhilaration, logical patterns, and cultural refinement that render Classical music the most superior of all musical genres.


Mugabe, the Protesters, and the Totalitarian Alliance:
September 5, 2002:
Discover the unifying forces behind a Zimbabwean dictator, a horde of rag-tag "activists", and, as G. Stolyarov II warns, a gargantual global subversion of our liberties looming over us all.