A Journal for Western Man :  Issue IV

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Historical Analysis

Greatness Incarnate: An Analysis of the Life and Contributions of Napoleon Bonaparte I:
September 15, 2002:
The greatest military commander in history was also an ardent proponent of individual liberties, meritocracy, and scientific progress, as this account of his many-faceted life by G. Stolyarov II reveals.


On the Cancellation of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty:
September 9, 2002:
In December of the previous year, G. Stolyarov II had written this poem to celebrate President Bush's adamant withdrawal from a shackling abomination. Read his words of praise here.

September 9, 2002:
In this lyric piece by G. Stolyarov II, learn of the radiantly rational ideology of this splendid enlightenment thinker whose legacy today's dominant paradigm has betrayed.

September 10, 2002:
Relatively free ancient societies, such as Rome, evolved to permit prominent individuals to thrive based on their merits instead of heredity. This poem by G. Stolyarov II details the triumph of a man who laid an end to patrician/hereditarian dominance of Rome and initiated a just, enlightened rule.

An Address to Fundamentalists:
September 11, 2002:
One year ago G. Stolyarov II wrote this poem as an immediate reaction to the horrific atrocities committed by Wahhabist savages against the greatness and prosperity of the United States. Now you can read it here and undergo the indignation along with him.

September 11, 2002:
What is the life proper to a human being, and what is his desired mindset? This lyric deliberation by G. Stolyarov II attempts to resolve such a question.

The ABCs of a Desired Establishment:
September 11, 2002:
Learn from this alphabetical analysis by G. Stolyarov the qualities that the ideal society would foster within the individuals comprising it.


Censorship on Campus?:
September 16, 2002:
Dr. Onkar Ghate reveals in this article that the leftist professors' claims of their inability to expound anti-American doctrines are truly an attempt to subvert this nation's freedoms.

The Betrayal of the Bush Doctrine:
September 16, 2002:
During the early stages of the War on Terror, President Bush appeared as a champion of American liberty and security. Now, however, as this article by Alex Epstein documents, he has eased his stance, and horrific consequences have resulted.