A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXXIV
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Is Bioethics Ethical?:
April 3, 2005:
The modern "bioethics" movement is a gargantuan vehicle for elitist leftist ideology that denies the equality of human beings in terms of individual rights, writes Wesley J. Smith. Sometimes in sudden bursts, sometimes gradually, the bioethicists' collectivist-utilitarian vision creeps into public and medical policy to endanger the lives and moral values of Americans.
The Philosopher's Stone:
April 10, 2005:
Examining the age-old alchemists' quests for the "filosofer's stone," Michael Miller contends that the fundamental aim of said quest was not misguided, though the alchemists had erred in seeking the stone in a fysical substance as opposed to an abstract universal means. Extrapolating upon Aristotle, Mr. Miller discovers that the ultimate first means is also the ultimate last end: life, and that its worth is measured by leisure, which is the most liquid of all values.
Historical Analysis
Tocqueville on Liberty in America:
April 27, 2005:
Dr. Gary M. Galles reviews the ideas of one of the most renowned historical commentators on the American political system, Alexis de Tocqueville. In his insight and prescience, Tocqueville recognized that liberty and democracy are not the same, and that unbridled majority rule is often an immense detriment to the freedom and property of the individual.
The Fysicalist View of Life, Consciousness, and Volition:
April 28, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II defends the idea that life, consciousness, and volition are fundamentally fysical processes against Reginald Firehammer's recent objections to this viewpoint. Mr. Stolyarov demonstrates the greater accuracy of the fysicalist theory over Mr. Firehammer's posited separation of matter and consciousness.
The Best Guardian is Freedom:
April 7, 2005:
Government often justifies its interventionist policies under the excuse of "protecting the children," but it is precisely children who are harmed by government policies allowing rapists and child molesters to live in communities and threaten children and upstanding citizens with impunity, writes Scott Kauzlarich. Individuals should be granted the freedom to drive these perverse criminals out of their neighborhoods.
The Oracle at EI:
April 10, 2005:
The Earth Institute has recently released a comupter model that claims to be able to "forecast" weather cataclysms such as global warming. This, writes Paul Driessen, amounts to the superstitious divinations of the ancient Oracle at Delphi. "Predicting" global warming via computer models absolutely ignores the recurrent nature of weather trends, empirical data (none of which supports the theory of global warming), and the disastrous effects that climate control would have on the economies of the First World.
The Economics of the End of Life:
April 10, 2005:
Dr. William Anderson argues that government intervention in the realm of medicine will inevitably provoke such contentious confrontations as the Terri Schiavo controversy, and, moreover, will violate the integrity of the pro-life standpoint which seeks to render each individual's life inviolate. Government intervention will inevitably lead to rationing and incentives for bureaucratic collectivist-utilitarian judgments concerning whose life is or is not "worth living" any longer.
Wanted: CEOs with Courage and True Ethics:
April 18, 2005:
Recently, environmentalists from the Rainforest Action Network have tried to intimidate J.P. Morgan Chase and its CEO into giving them decisive power to restrict investment into Third World development. So far the company has held out, and Niger Innis and Paul Driessen encourage corporations and the public to resist environmentalists' anti-technological, anti-life intrusions against economic and social progress. Otherwise, eco-activists will keep the world’s poor impoverished, hungry, and disease-ridden.
People, Progress, and Planet-- Earth Day 2005:
April 23, 2005:
This Earth Day, we ought to remember the astounding progress in environmental quality made in the Western world during the past century. However, writes Paul Driessen, the quality of life in the Third World is being greatly undermined by environmentalist elites who prefer to focus on distant, hypothetical threats rather than the poverty and devastation that environmentalist restrictions perpetrate on Third World populations.
My Battle with the Thought Police:
April 26, 2005:
After the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, dropped its charges against Economics Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe's "politically incorrect" theories on homosexuals' statistical time-preference tendencies, a great victory for academic freedom and free speech was won. Here, Dr. Hoppe himself tells the story of his fight for liberty and the irrational menace of political correctness that stood in his way.
Liberty, Up in Smoke:
April 28, 2005:
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has recently moved to block tobacco sales on the Internet. Reginald Firehammer shows how this decision is an immense threat to free enterprise and the liberty of individuals everywhere, having far more dangerous implications than might seem to exist on face.
The End of Cancer:
May 4, 2005:
Telomere biologist Bill Walker claims that scientists have all the theoretical and practical knowledge needed for the cure for cancer to arrive as quickly as the new revolution in computer chip technology. However, regulation from the government in general and the FDA in particular threatens to halt this progress to a crawl's pace, and endanger millions of lives in the process through the withholding of life-saving treatments from consumers.