A Journal for Western Man :  Issue VI

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America's Quiet War:
September 21, 2002:
Harry Roolaart discusses the anti-mind allies of the terrorists in the war against the United States... in America's own college campuses. Learn of this subtle front in the War on Terror.

Drifting Toward Socialized Medicine:
September 21, 2002:
Do patients have a right to health care? Dr. Richard G. Parker argues that, if that were the case, physicians would be virtual slaves.

Regulation in Medicine Kills:
September 22, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II recalls how bureaucratic need calculus prevented his middle school classmate from receiving a bone marrow transplant that could have saved his life.

Historical Analysis

Rhazes: The Thinking Western Physician:
September 29, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II describes the life of a Persian doctor and philosopher who expanded and perpetuated the legacies of Hippocrates and Aristotle and formulated a metafysical system extremely similar to Objectivism.


On Happiness in Value:
September 27, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II explains that man's joy and his calculated labors are not antithetical, but rather mutually reinforcing, as they achieve the worthy purpose of man's life.

False Artistry:
September 30, 2002:
G. Stolyarov II describes the sordid existence of the second-hander conformist "artist" who lacks originality and intricacy in his works; Mr. Stolyarov also discusses the root of such a panderer's delusions.

Why Poetry Must Rhyme:
October 1
, 2002:
The term "poetry" in the relativist sense has come to mean just about any disjoint garble an "avant-garde artist" can think of. G. Stolyarov II refutes this absurdity by advocating form and rhyme within works worthy of being called poetry.


"Buy American" is Un-American:
September 23, 2002:
Dr. Harry Binswanger demonstrates the un-patriotism of economic restrictions on any scale, local, national, and... even global, demonstrating the ultimate incompatibility between individualism and collectivism based on lines drawn on a map.

The Virtue of "Playing God":
September 25, 2002:
Alex Epstein discusses the desirability of cloning technology for the amelioration of human life.

The Politics of Compromise: The Republican Prescription for Health Care:
September 25, 2002:
Dr. Richard G. Parker explains why the supposedly anti-big government Republicans are led to second every Democratic regulation scheme through their wicked altruist ethics.

Punishing Politicians:
September 27, 2002:
Michael Miller suggests that bureaucrats who violate our rights must be treated in the same manner as unsanitary puppies and suggests political activism as a potent antidote to their misbehaviors.

Poverty of Thought:
September 29, 2002:
Steven Martinovich refutes the leftist sacred cow that poverty is the root cause of terrorism, pointing instead to the fanatics' malicious hatred of Western values and freedoms.

The End of Arafat:
1, 2002:
Contrary to the leftist establishment's delusions, Yasser Arafat is a violent, oppressive dictator, which, according to this article by Alan Caruba, justifies retaliation against him using force.

Replacing the United Nations:
October 3
, 2002:
Bruce Walker documents the blunders of the present UN infrastructure and offers a feasible substitute for maintaining world peace.