A Journal for Western Man :  Issue LIX

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May 22, 2006:
The world may return to 100%-reserve gold-standard currencies without any political reforms at all, writes Michael Miller. A private company, e-gold Ltd., has started this new monetary transformation by offering its customers privately-held gold deposits for purchase and sale. Learn about e-gold and the opportunities and security offered by it.

Can Trade Ever Harm a Country?:
May 22, 2006:
Dr. Robert P. Murphy refutes a recent Guardian article's arguments for protectionism; Dr. Murphy warns against equating "One World" IMF and World Bank bailouts with free trade and demolishes the argument that developing countries need to protect "infant industries" by means of barriers to trade.


Five Arguments for the Non-Existence of God:
May 22, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II presents five principal rational arguments for why God does not and cannot exist.

The Right to Discriminate:
May 22, 2006:
Discrimination has no inherent connection with racism, writes Michael Miller. It is judgment on the basis of standards, and this is why the politically-correct establishment hates it. The right to discriminate is entailed in the rights of free association, free speech, and free thought.

When Vanity Devours Sanity: Why SOLO Shattered and the Character-Cannibalizing Culture of "Objectivism":
May 22, 2006:
Orion Reasoner considers the filosofy of Objectivism fatally flawed, for Objectivism-- he contends-- is based on two conflicting principles: the pursuit of truth and the constant upholding of personal glory-- a legitimate pride warped into a harmful egotism. This contradiction creates some who choose vanity over truth and become "character cannibals" who turn on other Objectivists-- like Lindsay Perigo, formerly of SoloHQ and now of SoloPassion.

Orion Reasoner: SOLO's Emmanuel Goldstein:
May 22, 2006:
Orion Reasoner describes his own experience with Objectivist character cannibals, who had pervaded the former SoloHQ-- now SoloPassion. Mr. Reasoner was banned from SoloHQ at the insistence of such cannibals, because the latter used Mr. Reasoner's expression of an unpopular viewpoint to demonize him and appear heroic in opposing him. 

Literary Analysis

Mr. Feynman's Politics:
May 22, 2006:
Dr. Robert P. Murphy reviews the autobiografical writings of Richard Feynman, a renowned 20th-century fysicist and eccentric genius. Though he had no exposure to classical liberal theory, Feynman arrived at many of the same conclusions through his own relentless, autonomous reasoning and questioning.


Good Morning, Ontario!:
May 22, 2006:
Michael Miller wrote this article in 1995, when the future seemed bright for free markets as the welfare state was in retreat on virtually all fronts. This article commemorated the election of reform-minded Prime Minister Michael Harris in  Now, in 2006, the statists have recuperated, precisely because the advocates of freedom have squandered the intellectual momentum of the mid-1990s. But hope is not lost. The methods Mr. Miller advocates here can still be used to bring about victories for freedom.

Free the Colony!:
May 22, 2006:
Michael Miller refutes the case for Quebec separatism, which he contends has been used as a means to intimidate the rest of Canada toward appeasing Quebec with government programs, handouts, politically-correct restrictions, and special favors. Only the climate of political appeasement has made Quebec separatism possible and has rendered Canada, in many respects, a colony of Quebec.

Why Politics Divides People:
May 22, 2006:
Dr. Gary M. Galles analyzes the incentives of voters and politicians in the political process to show why the political process produces so much smear-hurling, incivility, and negative advertising of others-- while the market process is much more directed toward positive advertising of one's own product.

“With respect to science, consensus is often simply a sop to scientific illiteracy. After all, if what you are told is alleged to be supported by all scientists, then why do you have to bother to understand it? You can simply go back to treating it as a matter of religious belief, and you never have to defend this belief except to claim that you are supported by all scientists except for a handful of corrupted heretics.”     

~ Dr. Richard Lindzen