Wendy D. Bateman - Contributions

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1. On Contemplation:- November 4, 2005

2. Fatalistic Nihilism in Memoirs of a Geisha:- December 19, 2005

3. Self-Portrait- January 3, 2006

4. The Master: Portrait of G. Stolyarov II- January 3, 2006

Prometheus' Fire
- January 3, 2006

6. David- January 3, 2006

7. Hamadryad- January 3, 2006

8. A Challenge- January 3, 2006

10. Beautiful Inhibition- January 3, 2006

11. Flying- January 3, 2006

12. Farrah- January 3, 2006

13. Chrysanthe- January 3, 2006

14. And Then It Came to Her- January 3, 2006

15. Water-Logged- January 3, 2006

16. Le Vizir:- April 19, 2006

17. Utopia: Land of Sophisticates, or, Hythloday's Hyperbole:- October 19, 2006

18. Portrait of Catelyn Stark:- March 17, 2008

19. Eventide:- May 19, 2008

20. Bliss:- May 19, 2008

21. Mr. Cloud:- June 9, 2008

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