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1. Microsoft Vendetta Hurts Consumers:- October 3, 2006

2. Europe: Don't Vote with Your Feet:- November 15, 2006

3. Bureaucratic Drug Delisting: The French Example:- February 24, 2007

4. Brussels's Misguided Campaign Against Tax Breaks:- March 9, 2007

5. The Real Enemy: Bureaucrats, Not Microsoft:- May 1, 2007

6. Ending the Postal Monopoly:- May 26, 2007

7. Leaving the Choice to Owners and Consumers Instead of Government-Backed Smoking Bans:- June 9, 2007

8. France is No Model for Health Care Reform:- December 3, 2007

9. Santa Claus Under Attack by French Regulators:- January 18, 2008

10. Santa Claus's French Regulatory Nightmare:- February 1, 2008

11. Therapeutic Substitution: Another Step in the Bureaucratization of Drug Use:- February 3, 2008

12. Sarkozy's Insufficient Labor Market Reforms:- May 24, 2008

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