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1. Does the Tying and Bundling of Products Harm Consumers?:- April 4, 2006

2. Defending GMO against the Culture of Precaution:- April 13, 2006

3. Hidden Defects in the Authorization Procedure for Placing Drugs on the Market:- June 17, 2006

4. The Banning of Vertical Agreements in Europe: An Anti-Competitive Policy:- July 29, 2006

5. The Kyoto Protocol: Costly and Inefficient:- September 14, 2006

6. Health Myths in France: More Competition, Not Cost Containment, is the Solution:- January 11, 2007

7. Social Security: The Ineffectiveness and the Pernicious Effects of Health Cost Containment Policies in France:- March 22, 2007

8. Anti-Trust Regulation on Companies Like Microsoft is Based on Myth:- May 26, 2007

9. Economic Advantages of Price Discrimination:- June 17, 2007

10. Increasing Drug Use Bureaucratization Can Be Risky and Costly Policy:- December 10, 2007

11. "Social VAT" is Not the Solution for French Social Security:- December 19, 2007

12. New Legislation in EU Member States Threatens Postal Liberalization and Jobs:- May 24, 2008

13. Europe's New Telecom Framework: Functional Separation is a Dead End: - June 14, 2008

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