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1. Landowners' Coalition Demands Repeal of the ESA:- May 9, 2006

2. Do Yourself and the Nation a Favor: Expose the NAIS Lie!:- May 26, 2007

3. Scuttle the Law of the Sea Treaty!:- May 26, 2007

4. Good News on the Farm Bill, But Don't Stop Pushing!:- August 2, 2007

5. Stop Senator Kennedy from Sneaking Hate Crimes Language into the Defense Spending Bill:- August 2, 2007

6. Demand That the Senate Kill Journey Through Hallowed Ground NHA!:- August 9, 2007

7. The SAVE Act Will Deliver America - to Centralized Control!:- November 30, 2007

8. Proposed Polar Bear Listing Threatens Your Future!:- January 18, 2008

9. Act Now to Stop Oklahoma NAFTA Superhighway!:- May 19, 2008

10. Tell Senators Real ID is a Real Nightmare and Must Be Repealed!:- May 19, 2008

11. It's Time for Another Broadside on the SAVE Act!:- May 20, 2008

12. Oppose Funding for and Seek Repeal of Real ID Act!:- May 21, 2008

13. "Climate Security Act" is a Massive, Dangerous Tax Hike:- June 3, 2008

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