“We are ahead of our time, and, hopefully, we have all our time ahead of us.”
~ Credo, Chicago Methuselah Foundation Fund

N E W S    U P D A T E S

Updated August 14, 2009
SENS: Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence
This is a page of suggestions and materials for CMFF volunteers to employ in their gathering of funds. We are always looking for creative recommendations of how to present our information and attract audiences, wheverer they may be found. The CMFF staff will periodically update this page with new ideas of their own, but, if you have an original thought that we have not yet applied or devised, please contact Mr. Stolyarov at gennadystolyarovii@yahoo.com.

The CMFF's Life Card was created in 2004 to show the impact a donation could make on saving lives of individuals who were born contemporaneously with the donor.

The Life Card:
A simple, one-page printable chart, the Life Card, by referencing your approximate year of birth can tell you:

1) Your life expectancy and expected year of death
2) The amount of money in the Methuselah Mouse Prize Fund that will be needed to reverse aging in your lifetime
3) The number of people your age whose lives you can save from aging by a donation of a mere dollar! Can you imagine any better way to spend that spare cash?

You can use this chart on any street and in any building; you can e-mail it or fax it to your associates. You are permitted to make as many copies of it as you wish, provided that you retain its contents in entirety.

The Life Card is based on the LifeLine Equation, which the Methuselah Foundation used and released to the public in 2004.

The CMFF Flyer:
The CMFF Flyer was a compact, printable card that contained links to the Methuselah Foundation, SENS, and the CMFF, as well as a brief message introducing readers to the War on Aging. The flyer could be handed out to friends and acquaintances, put up in public places, or made available for collection by passers-by.

Users could download the CMFF Flyer (in Microsoft Word document form)
. The document contained one page with six ready-to-print flyers; CMFF volunteers were given permission to print and distribute as many copies as they wished.

The original CMFF Flyer now contains outdated URLs, so a new one needs to be issued. Such a flyer will be made available when the CMFF resumes its fundraising activities.
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