“We are ahead of our time, and, hopefully, we have all our time ahead of us.”
~ Credo, Chicago Methuselah Foundation Fund
The CMFF draws upon a variety of information and resources to present and justify its effort. The Rational Argumentator, an online magazine championing the Western principles of Reason, Rights, and Progress, supplies numerous articles and statements to explain the ideological, scientific, and practical aspects of the CMFF effort. Donors to the CMFF and all other ideological supporters are welcome to write and contribute articles, poems, works of fiction, or statements of support of their own, which TRA and CMFF shall endeavor to render publicly available on the Internet and elsewhere. You can contact TRA with your submissions at gennadystolyarovii@yahoo.com.
SENS: Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence
The Methuselah Foundation
Towards a Philosophy of Immortality:
July 22, 2004:
Three primary mentalities prevent most people in our time from pursuing a radical and even indefinite extension of the human lifespan. Marc Geddes explains and eloquently refutes all of these paradigms.

The Quest for Indefinite Life I: Engineered Negligible Senescence:
July 29, 2004:
Initiating a series of articles about real, scientific prospects for extending human life indefinitely, Dr. Aubrey D. N. J. de Grey explains the goal of "Engineered Negligible Senescence" and its desirability.  

The Quest for Indefinite Life II: The Seven Deadly Things and Why There Are Only Seven:
July 30, 2004:
Dr. Aubrey D. N. J. de Grey explains in detail the seven obstacles to indefinite life and principal causes of senescence and death. Eliminating them could expand the human lifespan to 5000 years.  

The Quest for Indefinite Life III: The Progress of SENS:
July 31, 2004:
The goal of Engineered Negligible Senescence is an ambitious and still controversial one. Dr. Aubrey D. N. J. de Grey examines the root of mainstream inertia in the War on Aging, as well as what you can do to accelerate the effort.

Monologue of Immortal Man:
July 30, 2004:
What would  a man who had attained eternal life say of those who had doubted the possibility or desirability of such an undertaking? This poem by G. Stolyarov II explores such a question.

Conquering the Unknowable:
August 14, 2004:
G. Stolyarov II presents his fundamental reasoning behind his contribution to the War on Aging and the Methuselah Mouse Prize. 

Fountain of Youth Discovered? Ask the Mouse!:
January 5, 2005:
This Methuselah Foundation press release describes the heroic research efforts of a scientist who was able to artificially prolong the lifespan of mice by 15%. Dr. Stephen Spindler has recently received the Foundation's Methuselah Mouse Prize, of which The Rational Argumentator is a proud sponsor.
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