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N E W S    U P D A T E S
Conquering the Unknowable
G. Stolyarov II
August 14, 2004
SENS: Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence
Let the reader attempt to close his eyes, shut his ears, refrain from smelling, touching, or tasting anything, and completely empty the contents of his mind. Let no thought nor emotion stir in his consciousness. After the reader has tried this for even a brief time, he will recognize that this state is impossible and inconceivable to attain for a living entity, which is constantly interacting with the external world. Yet this is precisely the state of a dead individual, and made more horrid by the fact of its inaccessibility.

To the man of Reason, no knowledge of the universe is inherently beyond his grasp. Anything can be fathomed, formulated, analyzed, and explained by a mind with the training and the will to do so. But the mind must be present first. In death, the mind is destroyed, and, thus, the state of death is the only truly
unknowable condition there is; no man can know what it is like to be dead. The unknown does not scare the Rational Man; he pursues it with the vigor of a conquering hero. But the unknowable must horrify him, for he is left as its pawn and sacrificial fodder, and is ultimately destroyed by it. Let us not allow any more rational men to enter the state of death, of the unknowable, but rather attempt to thwart it while they still live and have a full ability to grasp the world before them. Let knowledge overcome annihilation!

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G. Stolyarov II
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