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The War on Islam

Kyrel Zantonavitch

Issue LXXIV- September 25, 2006



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The following article represents a viewpoint articulated by Mr. Zantonavitch, which TRA has published to promote the free circulation and exchange of ideas. This essay has occasioned a response from Mr. Stolyarov with counterarguments against some of the points therein. Mr. Stolyarov's critique can be found at "The War on Fanaticism, Savagery, and Murder-- Not on Islam."

The key to winning the war on Islam is tell the truth. And the truth is: Islam is evil. The truth is: Muslims are monsters.

The point that needs to be made is moderate Islam is evil. The point that needs to be made is average Muslims are monsters.

From the beginning five years ago today, the followers of Mohammed (death be upon him) have been saying one thing consistently worldwide: "This is a war against Islam."

And they're right. In their own crude, simplistic, too-stupid-to-lie way, they're right.

When we fight our absurdly and bastardly named "war on terror" what we're really (lamely) attacking and really (pitifully) opposing is the aggressive warfare of jihad and the fascist tyranny of sharia. And these two are the essence of Islam. It is not "the five pillars." (I. e. Visit Mecca, repeat the motto, fast for a month, pray five times daily, give to charity.)

What desperately and finally needs to be understood today is that jihad and sharia are normal Islam. These two institutions are universal all over the Muslim world and are absolutely, theologically mandatory.

All Muslims believe in assertively promoting their hateful and annihilating ideology via the phenomenon of war. All Muslims believe in assertively promoting their hateful and annihilating ideology at home via the phenomenon of tyranny. This is normal Muslim foreign policy and normal Muslim domestic policy.

And it's been going on for 1400 years now. As John Adams and Thomas Jefferson observed over 200 years ago in their report to Congress, Muslims do this evil because:

"…it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners..."

Now, this unspeakable horror isn't radical or extremist Islam. It's Islam.

Our current, soi-dissant "war on terror" is redolent of dishonesty and cowardice. This fraudulently named "war on terror" is redolent of weakness and failure. After five years of feckless and sissified "fighting" on the part of the West, this farcical war is almost nothing but a boondoggle and fiasco.

The West is losing – and everybody knows it. The mushroom clouds over New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and London are looming – and everybody knows it.

On September 20th, 2001, intellectually lazy, incurious, and weak George Bush basically lied thru his teeth and said this war was against a "hijacked" version of Islam. 59 months and 10 days later, on August 30th, 2006, President Bush basically lied thru his teeth again and said this war was against a "twisted" version of Islam.

So in five years we have made no progress. In five long years we have learned nothing. The evil philosophy of Islam lives and thrives. It goes unopposed and unattacked by the philosophy of Western liberalism. The rank horror of the ideology of Islam goes unmolested by Westernism.

Calling the War on Islam a "war on terror" is as false and foolish as calling it a "war on mass-murder." The name is meaningless and virtually suicidal. We in the West will never defeat the enemy until we have the honesty and courage to accurately name it!

Saying "fundamentalist" or "militant" Islam is the problem is like saying fundamentalist bolshevism or militant Nazism is the problem. Were there ever "good" communists or "true" fascists that we in the West could reason, compromise, and live with?

The fact is, average or normal or moderate Islam is an ideology every bit as evil as communism, fascism, and Dark Age Christianity. And it's every bit as impossible to deal with and worthy of destruction. Rational, liberal, civilized men have no chance here. Not if they want to live free and be happy, that is.

But do they? That's an interesting question. Our world seems close to intellectually and morally bankrupt – and thus not at all up to this fight

Nevertheless: the reality is, all communists, fascists, and witch-burning Spanish Inquisitionalists need to be destroyed – not just the "radicals" and "extremists." There are no "moderates" we can or should deal with.

So, too, in the War on Islam. Normal Islam is the enemy. Islam itself is the enemy which needs to be summarily annihilated.

                                            *  *  *  *  *

But as the semi-civilized, semi-free (and semi-rational, semi-liberal) people of noble Western Civilization battle the barbaric totalitarian jihadist and shariist Muslims, there are two giant intellectual problems for the confused, corrupt, compromised Western liberals.

First, the religious West – led by the evil and wantonly illiberal conservatives – sees the religion and philosophy of Islam as basically no different and no worse than the religion and philosophy of Christianity (or Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and Buddhism). But this is radically wrong and tragically self-destructive.

Second, the multi-cultural West – lead by the evil and wantonly illiberal ”progressives” – sees the culture and life-style of the Muslims as basically no different and no worse than the culture and life-style of the West. But this is radically wrong and tragically self-destructive.

The truth is, this thought-system and this group of people is are black as anything that has ever existed in the history of man. For Westeners to live and thrive, Islam and Muslims need to be extirpated from the family of man.

Now, let's not make any mistakes here. All religions are loathsome, hideously destructive, and deeply in need of annihilation. All religions are utterly false and utterly evil. All religions are the enemy of life and happiness, progress and wealth, philosophy and science, reasonism and liberalism.

But not all religions are as stunningly low, ignorant, and depraved as Islam. In fact, none are. Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and everything else simply don't compare. 

                                                 *  *  *  *  *  

In attempting to fairly judge and accurately evaluate the relative merits of the ideology and philosophy of Islam, it's worth remembering its roots, i.e., where and when it came from. Islam was the product of the backward place of savage, desolate Arabia, and the primitive time of the Dark-Age Period. The ideology and philosophy of the Christians and Jews, in contrast, was the product of the reason-based, scientific, civilized, advanced, and noble West, and the rational, liberal Classical Era. A religion and thought-system of Dark-Age, nomadic, desert Arab tribes doesn't compare to the religions and thought-systems largely derived from ascendant, heroic, high culture of Greeks and Romans. 

Moreover, the still pretty evil god-worship of Europeans was vastly humanized, civilized, and improved by the Reformation and the Enlightenment. This contrasts vividly with the unchanged, unimproved, wholly evil religion of the Arabs. Moses and Jesus were, to be sure, terrible people advocating a terrible belief-system and life-style. But Mohammed (agony and misery be upon him) was on a whole other level. His god needs to be obliterated.

Islam just needs to die. That's it. And, if necessary – all the activist, supporting Muslims with it.

At the least, a new Islam needs to emerge. A Western liberal Islam -- that's actually possible. An Islam wherein you can look at the majority of its adherents anywhere in the world and say, in effect: "There goes a (typical) Republican!" or "There goes a (standard) Democrat!"

You can't remotely say that now. Virtually all Muslims today are jihadist and shariist. There's virtually no Muslim anywhere in the world that can honestly say he opposes normal-type Muslim propagation (jihad) and normal-type Muslim law (sharia). There's virtually no Muslim anywhere in the world that can honestly be called a Western liberal. For those who don't believe this – name one.

What is desperately needed in the post-9/11 WMD era are anti-Muslim Muslims—something like "lapsed Catholics" or "non-practicing Jews." We need assimilated Muslims who have adopted the ways of Westernism. For every other opposing ideological group on Earth – including exotic Buddhists, quietly strange Confucians, old-time Nazis, and radical communists -- this adoption proves easy. They come to the West, change somewhat, and fit right in.

But not Muslims.

                                             *  *  *  *  *

The reality of today is the vast majority of all Muslims – whether in the West or Islamdom – consider Osama and Nasrallah folk heroes. The vast majority sympathize with, or actively support, all those multifarious suicide bombings and mass-murder atrocities. For them, today is a day of celebration. And they pray for a nuclear holocaust in the capital of the world, New York City. This last is something the Muslims probably will make happen.

Such is Islam. Such is the stunning and unprecedented moral depravity of Muslims. And all their loves and fervent goals represent the attitudes and beliefs of both today's version of Islam and 1400-year-old traditional Islam. Muslims love death – ours and theirs. This belief is precisely what needs to be mercilessly and utterly annihilated.

The West needs to declare war on Islam itself. America needs to declare war – not just on Al Qaeda and the Taliban – but Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, Al-Gama Al-Islamiya, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, and all the others. We need to name names and publicly, explicitly, loudly, proudly target them for extinction.

Now, it's true that the West should focus on the informal soldiers and ideological warriors, initially and primarily. Those Muslims with guns and bombs – and maps and pictures – should indeed be assaulted first. They really are "terrorists" and "mass-murders" in their tactics and behavior, and thus more immediately dangerous to the West.

But the main enemy is Islam itself. Standard, typical, average, normal, moderate Muslims provide the terrorists with most of their moral and financial support. And standard, moderate, Muslim governments – all of which should be immediately, violently overthrown – provide most of their safe harbors, military training, and political direction. But Islam itself is the enemy.

So death to Islam! Death to this subhuman, wretched, loathsome ideology and belief system! It's time for the West and everyone good on earth to passionately, morally denounce it, and openly, viscerally revile it.

No more "Why do they hate us?" sissiness, introspection, and self-criticism. Time to ask "Why don't we hate them?" We certainly should.

And if we truly wish to live and thrive we must. Muslims certainly deserve such heart-felt hatred. They're practically, openly begging for it.

So death to Islam! It's time to slaughter all the active jihadists and shariists worldwide—and all those who actively support them.

Let's win the War on (moderate) Islam. No more religious ecumenicalism and multicultural tolerance when it comes to (moderate) Muslims.

Islam is evil. Muslims are monsters. Death to Islam!

Kyrel Zantonavitch is the founder of The Liberal Institute  (http://www.liberalinstitute.com/) and a writer for Rebirth of Reason (http://www.rebirthofreason.com). He can be contacted at zantonavitch@yahoo.com

See Mr. Stolyarov's counter-arguments to this essay in his article, "The War on Fanaticism, Savagery, and Murder-- Not on Islam."

This TRA feature has been edited in accordance with TRA’s Statement of Policy.

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