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Austrian Economics and Models of Rest:
November 2, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II discusses three types of states of rest used as analytical models by economists of the Austrian school: the plain state of rest, the final state of rest, and the evenly rotating economy (ERE).
The Austrian School View of Income Types in the Evenly Rotating Economy:
November 2, 2005:
The model of the evenly rotating economy allows Austrian economists to delineate clearly the types of income derived from various economic functions: labor, land ownership, capital ownership, and entrepreneurship. G. Stolyarov II explains how the ERE is useful in this regard.
Austrian Economics and Kirznerian Entrepreneurship:
November 2, 2005:
Economist Israel Kirzner of the Austrian school has developed a theory about the role of the entrepreneur in the market economy. The entrepreneurial function cannot be taught, much less centrally managed, but is nonetheless indispensable in correcting the mistakes of other economic actors. G. Stolyarov II analyzes the manner in which Kirzner's theory offers a defense of free markets. 
Austrian Economics and Hayek's View of the Market Process:
November 2, 2005:
Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek's view of the market as a process challenges "mainstream" economic models that treat the marketplace as a set of static equilibria, writes G. Stolyarov II. Furthermore, Hayek's theory accounts for the manner in which the price system is essential to transmitting knowledge to economic actors; it additionally illustrates the role of free market competition as the only possible way to determine optimal prices, costs, and production methods.
Austrian Economics and Consumer Sovereignty:
November 2, 2005:
Ludwig von Mises explained the function of consumers in a free market economy as the ultimate determinants of what is to be produced. G. Stolyarov II explores Mises's idea of consumer sovereignty as well as Murray Rothbard's critique of it.
Consumer Sovereignty: What Mises Meant:
November 2, 2005:
Dr. Robert P. Murphy analyzes in further depth the Misesian theory of consumer sovereignty, addressing popular challenges to the idea and clarifying its details and components.
Toward the Unity and Integration of Knowledge: The Study of Economic and Political Philosophy:
November 2, 2005:
In today's hyper-compartmentalized academic world, valuable knowledge about the interrelated nature of reality is left undiscovered and undeveloped. Dr. Edward W. Younkins offers the solution: an intellectual pursuit striving to integrate fundamental truths about existence, logic, man, politics, economics, and filosofy into an education that renders its beneficiary capable of grasping the essentials of existence and harnessing them toward his success, progress, and happiness.
On Contemplation:
November 4, 2005:
Wendy D. Bateman explains why rationality and introspection are essential to a worthy life, while spontaneous action driven by pure emotion is undesirable.
Monogamous Casual Intercourse: Contradiction in Terms:
November 21, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II argues that "casual" intercourse can never be truly monogamous or safe. Furthermore, those who practice it demonstrate a grievous mind-body dichotomy.
Austrian Economics and Objectivism:
November 21, 2005:
Dr. Edward W. Younkins contends that the fundamental principles of Objectivism, Austrian Economics, and Aristotelian ethics of flourishing are mutually compatible and reinforcing. Unifying them could create a comprehensive libertarian worldview stronger than any of its constituent parts standing alone.  
The Epicurean Roots of Some Classical Liberal and Misesian Concepts:
November 21, 2005:
Martin Masse discusses the filosofy of Epicurus-- the first strongly individualistic, happiness and flourishing-oriented worldview in man's history. Epicureanism was an explicit influence on John Locke, the French classical liberals, Thomas Jefferson, and Ludwig von Mises-- among other freedom-loving thinkers.
SoloHQ: Perigo's Cult of Mandatory Informality:
November 30, 2005:
Orion Reasoner reveals why many sincere, industrious, civil, and intelligent individuals have been purged from Lindsay Perigo's organization-- "Sense of Life Objectivists." They were "supposed" to be there to submit their intellectual authority to Perigo's-- not to display dignity, autonomy, and excellence. At SoloHQ, standing out from the herd is the cardinal sin.
Preserving Culture, or Curtailing Freedom?:

November 4, 2005:
UNESCO's passage of the Convention on Cultural Diversity (CCD) is reason enough for the United States to withdraw from that organization, writes Wendy McElroy. The CCD amounts to a justification for the levying of trade barriers, as well as an effort by unfree governments to regulate the culture of their subjects.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu Joins Call for DDT to End Malaria:
November 4, 2005:
The renowned opponent of apartheid in South Africa has now undertaken a battle against the harmful environmental restrictions that prevent the use of DDT-- a critical pesticide in the eratication of malaria. This Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! Coalition press release explains the necessity of fighting malaria, a leading killer of Africans today, using pesticides like DDT.
PBS Film Ignites Fathers' Rights Debate:
November 21, 2005:
A PBS film wrongly defamed Dr. Scott Loelinger, accusing him of abusing his daughter when the girl's mother was the true abuser. Wendy McElroy explores the surrounding controversy and the attempt of the fathers' rights movement to overcome grievous prejudices which stereotype as abusers loving parents whom the other, truly abusive parent turned the children against via psychological manipulation.
Girls, Get Your Guns:
November 21, 2005:
With the increasing desire for security, gun ownership is becoming more attractive to American women, which implies positive prospects for the development of a massive women's advocacy movement for gun ownership, writes Wendy McElroy. The more women join in the effort to protect every decent individual's right to bear arms, the more this sacred right will be preserved against opposition. 
PBS Film Controversy Continues:
December 2, 2005:
Fathers' rights advocates continue to press for justice in the matter of the PBS documentary, "Breaking the Silence," which wrongly casted an abusive mother as a hero and a loving father as an abuser, writes Wendy McElroy.
Will Universal Preschool Give All Kids a Head Start?:
December 2, 2005:
Wendy McElroy describes an alarming proposal by Bob Reiner in California-- universal preschool for all children from age 4 onward. This, if passed, will imply increasing government usurpation of parental sovereignty and a major step toward state control of children from the cradle on.
"Humility is not a virtue, no matter what anyone else might think."           
                                                                                                     ~ G. Stolyarov II