A Journal for Western Man :  Issue XLIX

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Why Public Utility Monopolies Fail:
February 19, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II uses Friedrich Hayek's insights on the dynamic, discovery-oriented nature of the market process to show how "public" utilities-- which inherently inhibit such a process-- are bound to continue experiencing unfortunate inefficiencies unless privatized.

Is Free Trade Really Wrecking the Union?:
February 19, 2006:
Dr. Robert P. Murphy offers a rebuttal to the most recent article by Paul Craig Roberts-- a leading critic of globalization, outsourcing, and free trade. Dr. Murphy defends the functions of the free market as conducive to a worldwide and nationwide rise in standards of living.


Freedom to Criticize Islam:
February 14, 2006:
Alexander, Autonomist Member, criticizes a politically-correct article that only condemned the recent Danish Cartoons of Mohammed without giving any arguments in their defense. Alexander discusses the barbarous evil of the Islamist fanatics and the necessity of allowing criticism of them-- if we are to still call ourselves free.


The Universal Validity of Euclidean Geometry:
February 15, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II defends Euclid's geometrical system against challenges; Mr. Stolyarov shows that all valid applications of non-Euclidean geometry must be consistent with Euclid's axioms, demonstrates the truth of Euclid's much-disputed parallel postulate, and shows how this postulate is axiomatic-- in that it is implied in the very definition of parallelism.

The Uniqueness of Parallel Lines:
February 15, 2006:
Expanding on his defense of Euclidean geometry, G. Stolyarov II offers proof that, through any given point off a line, there exists one and only one other line parallel to the first.


Sexual Harassment Policies Need Reform:
February 19, 2006:
Popular definitions of sexual harassment, enshrined in state laws and activist agendas, are overly broad, and their consistent enforcement is draconian, argues Wendy McElroy. These definitions extend to the most innocuous acts while trivializing genuinely horrendous sexual abuses.

What's Up (or Down) with AIDS?:
February 19, 2006:
Political ideology has replaced objective science and statistical research in the homosexual movement's crusade to combat the fact that AIDS is primarily a homosexual disease. This amounts to moral evasion that benefits no one-- primarily harming homosexuals themselves-- argues Michael Fumento.

Using the Unaware to Promote a Vile Political Agenda:
February 19, 2006:
Kathleen Marquardt exposes the moral evil of PETA and other "animal rights" and environmental organizations-- who are driven not by love for animals but by a vehement hatred for human life.

Controlling the Last Free Voice in the World:
February 19, 2006:
Tom DeWeese warns that the Chinese government's recent undertakings of Internet censorship but foreshadow an even greater threat: UN regulation of Internet content.

The Capital Punishment Imperative:
February 20, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II responds to Dr. Robert Murphy's criticism of his stance that murderous Islamist fanatics ought to receive the death penalty. Mr. Stolyarov defends the justice and necessity of capital punishment as following from the idea of universal natural property rights.

"The rational argumentator will tolerate dissent and divergence from his position, though he will still seek to actively engage it; he will never ostracize another individual from his company for the mere fact of such dissent."

~ G. Stolyarov II

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