A Journal for Western Man




Hero Born Again

Don Watkins III

Issue V- September 18, 2002


A man who stands, alone and tired, in dawn’s desolate path,
Looks upon the men who lost in their last stand against death

It was not simply bravery, nor courage, save his life,
But love for something deeper, that kept him through the night

Not his brother nor his mother nor his sister nor his dad,
It was his love of freedom that saved this saintly man

And as the wind blows by the face of hero born again,
Another revolution gives rebirth in a new land

A land where heroes flourish (not perish on a cross),
A land where strength is worshipped, not sacrifice and loss

But now he stands, alone and tired, in dawn’s newly lighted way,
Knowing that their love for life was the price which some men paid.

Don Watkins III is a businessman, poet, college student, and profound Objectivist. He is the author of a site titled The Essence of Objectivism, which you can access at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/9035/essence.html.

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