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Foreign Assets

Charles Smyth

Issue LXII- June 7, 2006


In the era of Kings and Emperors, the intervention of a more powerful state over many other weaker ones became known as imperialism, which imploded due to the effects of time and moral uncertainty. Whilst our interventions, by way of incentives and coercion, are not intended to emulate imperialism, time and moral uncertainty are still the factors which prevent any good intentions from achieving anything of proper value. And so we have over six-hundred thousand Iranian exiles in California, in excess of two-million Zimbabwean exiles in South Africa, and many hundreds of thousands exiled to refugee camps and detention centers in Europe and North Africa, to cite a few examples.

The problem of Zimbabwe has been handed off the to the so-called African Union (AU), which is nothing more than the dictators’ club it was supposed to replace, with a fresh lick of paint. Complicating this is the disappointing fact that the opposition to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party is simply another Marxist disaster, Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party.

To resolve this problem by direct military intervention and suffer the subsequent burden of administration, would expose us to the charge of imperialism. A more satisfactory solution would be to recruit a suitable number of Zimbabwean exiles, educate them in the essentials of laissez-faire capitalism, and provide military training under the supervision of a modern Private Military Company (PMC), with a proven track record and experience in the region. Aegis Defence Services, which has done excellent work in Iraq on our behalf, is a good candidate. With leadership provided by the chosen PMC, the newly trained exiles would be a proper spearhead to lead Zimbabwe from its current state of failure to one of success and prosperity.

This would be a more satisfactory solution because

1. Zimbabweans would be the ones directly benefiting from such an intervention.
2.There would be a proper moral philosophical base to the intervention by way of the Zimbabwean exiles’ reeducation in the essentials of laissez-faire capitalism.
3. The moral conflict of involving our own military to support others’ freedom would be resolved by using an appropriate PMC.
4. Foreign exiles would be turned from a problem into the asset, which would enable their fellow exiles to return home.
5. We would not be obliged to support the best of the worst available in a problematic area, as we are having to put up with in the current
upsurge of unrest in Somalia, where the Islamic fundamentalists are yet again being victorious.
6 . A strong message would be sent to other failed states in the region.

Charles Smyth writes for and edits ProCapitalismUSA. He can be contacted at procapusa@procapitalism.com.

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