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Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675)

Vermeer exemplified the height of the Dutch Renaissance, employing a technique that encompassed the finest details of a scene while paying careful attention to macroscopic harmony and order. He was a master at accurately depicting the interplay of light and shadow with respect to both inanimate objects and persons, and employing this knowledge to selectively emfasize the key details of his works. Note, for example, the light directed at the Geografer and his charts, stating, in a wonderful visual metafor, that his is the path to illumination. Like the Geografer, the subjects of Vermeer's paintings are industrious, dignified human beings, pursuing worthy and uplifting tasks from painting to music to astronomy.

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The Art of Painting

The Astronomer

The Concert

The Geographer

The Music Lesson

View of Delft

Girl with a Pearl Earring

The Guitar Player

The Lacemaker

The Mistress and the Maid