Issue XX

February 23 - March 19, 2004

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The Paintings of Alexei L. Antonov:
Alexei L. Antonov
February 27, 2004
As the first installment of Mr. Stolyarov's Gallery of Rational Art, The Rational Argumentator presents the work of an outstanding contemporary still life and portrait artist who seeks to revive the techniques of the Renaissance masters in a new cultural rebirth.

The Paintings of Jacques-Louis David:
Jacques-Louis David
February 27, 2004
The works of the neoclassicist David, "The First Artist of the French Empire" and one of Mr. Stolyarov's favorite painters, exhibit both a technical mastery and an expression of rational principles in content and form that should serve as examples for art of the New Renaissance.

The Paintings of Johannes Vermeer:
Johannes Vermeer
March 2, 2004
Johannes Vermeer, master at depicting light and selectively emfasizing key details with it, also provided uplifting and orderly imagery within his works. Mr. Stolyarov's Gallery of Rational art presents a selection of his most intriguing work. 

The Fotografic Art of Harry Roolaart:
Harry Roolaart
March 2, 2004
Harry Roolaart, the filosofer and essayist whose articles have appeared on The Rational Argumentator, has created a set of brilliantly juxtaposed foto-illustrations which, aside from showing great esthetic taste, display unyielding patriotism and resolve in the war against terrorism.

The Paintings of Bryan Larsen:
Bryan Larsen
March 16, 2004
An artist whose purpose is to portray the heroic and romantic elements in man, Bryan Larsen depicts images of men of ambition and accomplishment in similarly uplifting settings.

The Paintings of Damon-A. H. Denys:
Damon-A. H. Denys
March 16, 2004
Mr. Denys is painter of portraits and scenery who draws his inspiration from Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite masters and works in the style of Romantic Realism. His works depict subjects that exhibit pride, deliberation, and accomplishment.

Eden against the Colossus: Prologue:
G. Stolyarov II
March 19, 2004
G. Stolyarov II has publicly released the prologue to his new science fiction novel, which shall be released this summer. Read this introduction and learn of the book's setting and the beginnings of its conflict.

Coalition: The Problems and the Promise:
Henry Emrich
February 23, 2004
Henry Emrich urges persons of individualist, capitalist, and rational persuasions to unite for the displacement of the current mysticist, statist paradigm and cease engaging in petty feuds and ostracisms due to differences on periferal issues.

The Man Who Speaks to You of Sacrifice:
Jonathan Rick
March 9, 2004
Jonathan Rick analyzes the aims sought by the dictators and murderers, such as Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden, who exhort their minions toward sacrifice and parasitize off the results.

The Spirit of Columbia:
Robert Garmong
March 2, 2004
The loss of the shuttle Columbia over a year ago was a colossal psychological trauma to the American people. Dr. Robert Garmong examines the roots of this effect and its revelations about the essential nature of space exploration with regard to the human spirit.

Historical Analysis
Thoreau and "Resistance to Civil Government":
Gary M. Galles
March 12, 2004
Dr. Gary M. Galles presents the insights of a man who refused to tacitly submit to the government's coercive attempts to appropriate his money for a cause he did not support.

The Challenge, Op. 28:
G. Stolyarov II
March 9, 2004
Both the rapid tempo and the minor passages of this work are representative of tension and struggle, properly created, in G. Stolyarov II's estimation, through this fashion rather than by dissonance. The melody transitions frequently from minor to major to illustrate a rational man's intense exertion in the face of a challenge, and the successful (and pleasant) consequent outcome.

A Musical Paean to Halley's Comet:
Rodney Rawlings
March 16, 2004
This piece by Rodney Rawlings is a musical paean to Halley’s Comet—the feeling of the once-in-a-lifetime expectation and approach of the comet, its spectacular and beautiful show, and its eternal farewell.

HMOs and "Patients' Rights:" Rationing Medicine:
Richard Parker
March 2, 2004
HMOs, greatly decried by the left as examples of the "free market's" failure, are in fact a prime product of government meddling with the health care industry and could never have existed on the free market, contends Dr. Richard Parker.

Privatize the Space Program:
Robert Garmong
March 2, 2004
The failures of the space shuttle program were not accidental; they were inherent in any government control over an entire industry and the placement of petty political bargaining over science in such a setting. Thus, argues Robert Garmong, we must privatize the space program to prevent future tragedies.

The Rights of Intervention:
Dustin Hawkins
February 27, 2004
When force is initiated, any individual or nation with the means to protect the victim has the right to do so, argues Dustin Hawkins, employing this reasoning to support America's right to depose any dictator it sees fit.

"The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it." 
~ John Locke