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Harry Roolaart is a photographer who seeks to convey principles of Objectivism and patriotism through his art. Mr. Roolaart's photo-illustrations appear in numerous magazines and corporate reports across the country. Additionally, Mr. Roolaart hosts a cultural/intellectual website at, whence these photographs also originate. Mr. Roolaart intends to spread a message of dauntless commitment to the struggle against terror, and The Rational Argumentator shares in the spirit of this endeavor. TRA has previously published articles by Mr. Roolaart, and presently wishes to bring to its readers yet another facet of this innovative artist and philosopher.
Harry Roolaart: Desert Sniper
Harry Roolaart: Air Force and Bald Eagle
Roolaart: A Bomb is Not an Argument
Harry Roolaart: Atlas Does Not Shrug Harry Roolaart: Capitalism
Harry Roolaart: Jump Into Hostile Territory
Harry Roolaart: Ground Troops
Harry Roolaart: Sleeping Giant Awakens Harry Roolaart: The Role of Government